Google webmaster tells Not to Block CSS & Javascript Files

Google has raised a new warning alarm to webmasters via both email and Search Console for blocking CSS and Javascript files on their websites.

As Per Google’s Warning Notice:

[mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]“Google systems have recently detected an issue with your homepage that affects how well our algorithms render and index your content. Specifically, Googlebot cannot access your JavaScript and/or CSS files because of restrictions in your robots.txt file. These files help Google understand that your website works properly so blocking access to these assets can result in suboptimal rankings.”[/mk_blockquote]

The warning message states about the inability of Googlebot to access Javascript and/or CSS files due to restricted disallow in robot.txt file, which leads to affect Google algorithms in rendering and indexing a website’s content. The warning message emphasis on an outcome of suboptimal ranking (negatively impact on ranking) only due to blocking of Javascript and/or CSS files.

It seems that Google basically wants the webmasters to come down to change their robots.txt so that it doesn’t forbid Googlebots to access to the website’s CSS and JS files any longer.

If you have received such a warning from Google and don’t know how to resolve this issue, Envision Ecommerce is ready to help you with not only an easy fix, but also in implementing the fixes and results in resolving that crawling issues.

Google Decides to Put a Stop on Unofficial Autocomplete API on August 10

Unauthorized access to autocomplete API is going to be stopped by Google starting from August 10, 2015. The reason behind this announcement is that Google wants to keep the users’ experience of autocomplete API the same as it was intended to be used, i.e., Autocomplete API – closely linked to Search.

Or as Google puts it:

[mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]

We built autocomplete as a complement to Search, and never intended that it would exist disconnected from the purpose of anticipating user search queries. Over time we’ve realized that while we can conceive of uses for an autocomplete data feed outside of search results that may be valuable, overall the content of our automatic completions are optimized and intended to be used in conjunction with web search results, and outside of the context of a web search don’t provide a meaningful user benefit.

In the interest of maintaining the integrity of autocomplete as part of Search, we will be restricting unauthorized access to the unpublished autocomplete API as of August 10th, 2015. We want to ensure that users experience autocomplete as it was designed to be used — as a service closely tied to Search. We believe this provides the best user experience for both services.”


Google’s Autocomplete service is able to predict a user’s query before finishing typing. But, there are many developers who used a non-official or non-published API to get the sort of words people are searching for most often and integrated such search results within their own services like SEM and keyword tools. Thus, it seems that Google wants to overcome this tempting situation by putting a stop on such unofficial and autocomplete API. And also want to make it clear that its APIs are for it to control. This may impact on numerous SEM and keyword searching tools that utilized this API to build new watchword thoughts. For example, Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, Yoast and Google Keyword Suggest Tool.

As per Google Webmaster’s Central Blog Says:

[mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”12″ align=”left”]“However, there are some times when using an unsupported, unpublished API also carries the risk that the API will stop being be available. This is one of those situations.”[/mk_blockquote]

So, it seems that if you live by using unofficial APIs for your SEM or keyword searching services, you die by them too.

Now Add Multiple Products To Cart with Custom Variations in WooCommerce

June 22, 2015 –Last month, we posted a blog about, “Allow Multiple Products Add to Cart in WooCommerce”. The post highlights all about functionality, benefits and unique features of this WooCommerce plugin to help both the store owners & online customers. The plugin has quite proved itself in terms of its great features like compatibility, shop more at once, shopping time saver, 100% customizable and responsive. But, this WooCommerce plugin was only to add simple products to cart and not equipped with a feature to add simple as well as variation products to cart.

With a move of same plugin to variation products, we have made it easier for online customers to find more user friendly online store which allow both simple and variation products to add to cart.

The most noticeable consequence of this move is that in many cases there will be more products added by online customers while opting for “Add All to Cart” option. We noticed that at most 2% of the sites, we had analyzed recently, used this improvement in their WooCommerce plugin. We are proud to announce that we are the first from such percentage of sites, who improved this plugin to make it easy for customers to buy variable products along with respective quantity, color and size with a single click. The plugin not only saves shopping time, but also works as a great solution for customers who wish to place a bulk purchasing order. Moreover, store owners are free to add this feature onto two or more pages of their store. There are several other new benefits of this improved version of this WooCommerce plugin. These are as followings

1. Add Multiple Simple and Custom Variation Products to Cart

The plugin allows customers to add multiple simple as well as custom variation products with respective quantity, color and size at a same time within just a single click.

Add Multiple Products To Cart with Custom Variations and Variation Products in Woocommerce

Working of Add Multiple Products To Cart For Variation Products in WooCommerce

2. Bulk Order For Great Savings

The plugin saves shopping time of a customer and customer is free to choose as many products as needed to purchase with the help of check options under each product or Add All to Cart option. Thus, it works great for placing bulk orders and saving more on unit pricing.

 If you have any question regarding this improved version of WooCommerce plugin or need any kind of assistance, we’re always happy to help you.

View Extension at CodeCanyon:

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Happy Birthday WooThemes

WooThemes, the company behind WooCommerce, is now 7 years old. We congratulate WooTheme on this Anniversary. WooCommerce, has certainly changed the way of today’s world thinks about Ecommerce. It is the first choice of “SME” for their online Ecommerce solution. We recently did a blog post ”Why WooCommerce” on how WooTheme has made WooCommerce, which is now slowly overtaking the world of Ecommerce.

Celebrating this occasion, we at Envision Ecommerce are giving flat 7% off on our WooCommerce plugins (no coupon code required). Please visit our WooCommerce Store to avail this flat 7% off at our store. We at Envision Ecommerce love WooCommerce and feel the pride of being a WooCommerce plugin development company and having a proven result at CodeCanyon. Contact Us for any WooCommerce custom development. Ask us about how to increase your store’s revenue.

Security Patch -SUPEE-6285 – A New Announcement From Magento

Just after two Magento security vulnerability announcements, there is another new announcement of the critical Magento update i.e, “SUPEE-6285” on July 7, 2015. According to Magento’s official website, a new security patch, i.e, SUPEE-6285 addresses critical security vulnerabilities. This patch is primarily released to resolve a variety of security related issues, such as customer information Leak via RSS and privilege escalation, request forgery in Magento connect leads to code execution, cross-site scripting in wishlist, cross-site scripting in cart, store path disclosure, permissions on log files too broad, cross-site scripting in admin and cross-site scripting in orders RSS.

After this Magento Announcement, we will be investing more on this today in order to help you more. In case of an urgent patch requirement, kindly feel free to contact us as we have already updated more than 80 stores for previous Shoplift bug even with no SSH access.

Keep an eye on our updated posts as we will be bringing this post with up-to-date methods of applying this patch.

Boost Sales with Price & Discounts Based on Custom User Roles WooCommerce Plugin

Today, WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and its popularity makes it so common that does not need any introduction. Everyone in the eCommerce industry knows about its great feature i.e., Extendability. A great variety of WooCommerce plugins are available in the WooCommerce industry that allow the store owners to fine tune their WooCommerce store to fit their business requirements and to increase sales.

Now, the question arises that which WooCommerce plugin is best to boost sales and also easier to categorize customers into different groups? While considering a plugin to boost sales of an online store, there is a wide range of WooCommerce plugins available in the eCommerce market. But, when it comes to boost sales by allowing customers with an option to choose a discount or price on the basis of customized roles, Envision Ecommerce comes up with a great plugin solution, i.e., Price & Discounts Based on Custom User Roles.

The plugin supports a great assistance to both store owners and customers. With the help of this plugin, it is easy for a store owner to create any number of customer roles or groups and set up prices or discounts for each customized group. Moreover, a customer is free to grab different discounts on the basis of selected customer role. The plugin can also be used to run promotional campaigns on some special occasions such as setting up a special price for more engaged customers on Christmas, special discount at Good Friday, etc. A great boost in sales will be the ultimate results for an online store.

The plugin comes with a great feature of customization with the help of which a store admin can easily create or delete any number of custom user roles. The check options make it possible for a store owner to enable or disable the visibility of regular price and discount to different customers on the basis of their selected role, such as registered user, guests, engaged user, etc. Kindly feel free to know more about this plugin at Ecommerce Envision. And also it is accessible over CodeCanyon with all above mentioned features.

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