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To give a fresh new look to our store and a better user experience, we took a big step this week. We are totally thrilled to publicize that our store has undergone a major revamp and is now accessible at

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While the store’s functionality remains largely the same, we have just implemented an SSL on our store, added new products & services, increased ETA Support Time and turned it into a complete Responsive store with fresh layouts. Our new store has a much cleaner look & now usually run better for you, our users or customers.

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Meet our new revamped store and let us know what you feel about our new look.

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Launching WordPress – Necessary Pre-Launch Check List

Well, there is nothing quite like the day you think your WordPress website is finished and you are going to launch it. You are feeling like a huge relief as you have finally done your planning, organizing, managing, designing & all development work, and now you can expose your website for the world to see.

As a web-developer, you want to make your launching day – an exciting and full of celebration, right?

But Wait,

Are you missing some crucial things that may direct your launch day into most frantic and hectic day? Before launching a WordPress website, you need to check your website for its robustness and future proofing. Here is a list of necessary checks to run before the official launch of WordPress website:

1. Check for the Current Version of WordPress

What version of WordPress are you using presently? Ensure that you have installed and using the latest version of WordPress. If not yet, it is recommended you to update it to the latest WordPress version so as to avail the benefits of most recent SEO related Web standards and load speed optimization.

2. Changing Title and Tagline

Make sure you have customized the title and tagline of your site before launching it. This customization can be easily done by going to WordPress admin panel and then to the Appearance tab, themes (your theme name), customize and then Tagline or Title.

3. Creating and Adding an XML Site Map

If you are aware about the importance and need of an XML sitemap for your WordPress site, you must create, upload and add it in the footer.

4. Check for Customized 404 Pages

Make sure that your site is properly customized with formatted and styled 404.php file (or personalized ‘page not found’ message) so as to retain your willful visitors.

5. Check for Validation

The validation checks help to locate major errors affecting your WordPress website. These errors may stop search engines to crawl your site pages, which may further result in the disappearance of your site from SERPs. Thus, you need to check if your site validates at W3C HTML & W3C CSS Validator.

6. Proofread Your Site Copy

Content reading and re-reading helps to unveil many of small grammatical and spelling errors. Make sure you have checked your site for its proofreading. The content present on your WordPress website should be unique and even each image should have a valid copyright owned by you. If you are using other’s images, you should have proper permissions from their authors and provide appropriate credits.

7. Check for SEO Set Up

Make sure each post on your site has included a relevant Meta tag description, title and rich snippet codes. All the posts should search engine friendly. The relevant keywords should be used in titles of site and posts. Moreover, the entire SEO aspect of the website can be easily managed with the help of WordPress SEO plugins. Also check that you have added and verified your site in Google webmaster.

8. Cross-Browser Compatibility Checks

Different browsers render site information differently. Thus, you need to ensure that your website is properly working with every browser and obviously no any kind of prohibition to the user’s interaction. There are many tools to perform cross-browser compatibility checks like Crossbrowsertesting, Browsershots, etc.

9. Check for Strong Passwords

You must check that you are using strong password strength for creating the both – user & admin logins. Some tools to check your current password strength include Password Meter and Password Checker (from Microsoft).

10. Check All Your Links

Ensure that all your links are redirecting to appropriate pages like links, set to open in a new window, are working appropriately and there should be no broken links. It is best to use online tools to check for broken links instead of doing it manually.

With the help of above checklist, you can now make your launching day – an exciting and full of celebration. We at Envision Ecommerce are confident that you would not miss anything crucial about your WordPress site before it goes officially live.

How to Deal with Annoying Customers?

Nowadays, almost all offline stores or companies are being conducted online and it has given rise to E-commerce sites. Therefore, it is extremely important for store owners to design & develop a site mainly intended for customers as you may know – What You Put in Your Site is What You Get Out.

Almost all different websites have one similar attribute, i.e., Attract and retain visitors and for more business, they put their websites in such situations that might confuse and annoy their clients. Thus, you are advised to put some constraints on you for annoying issues and pay attentions to the followings to avoid annoying your customers.

Understand and Respect Your Customers


Your customers will only understand, respect and come back to you, if you first understand them and give them respect.

  • Connect with your customers on the basis of their online behaviors and behavior at your store. And also deliver real time intelligence solutions that correlate to their behaviors.
  • Online shoppers tend to be impatient, so ensure your website loads quickly.
  • Keep your website updated on a regular basis for customers’ desires for an up-to-date product or services information at your site.
  • Simple and hassle free E-commerce websites with user friendly checkout systems.
  • Don’t stick to one routine or create any kind of repetitiveness in your processes to show you love your customers like sending emails again and again on their email subscription at your site.
  • Don’t distract customers with unnecessary surprises or any force to subscribe to emails as soon as they visit your website.

Grow Customer Loyalty Not Customer Base


Today, the mass marketing and media is rising rapidly over the internet and E-commerce website owners make a quest for the most desirable customer segments from other online portals or purchased lists available on other sites. Such owners vie with each other to please and attract customers. In this desire, they forget to focus on main acquisition, i.e., growing customer loyalty and pay attention towards the growth of customer base. In this quest, they contact customers by direct mail, catalogs, email reminders, etc, and forget about not to repeat such efforts. All such efforts don’t only lead to annoying or confusing customers, but also a costly waste of money.

Fix a Limit between Marketing and Shopper Annoyance

Fix a Limit between Marketing and Shopper Annoyance

Almost, every website owner wants to make customers feel special and offer them a great shopping experience, especially different from others. But, if you don’t make use of the methods that leads to produce a meaningful customer intelligence, then you may just end up with more chances to bombard them with wrong or too many offers. Therefore, it is important for you to draw a line between your marketing efforts and shopper annoyance. You can put yourself on some Do Not for:

  • Too Much Advertising
  • Too Many Emails
  • Pop-up Windows
  • Flash Messages & Animations
  • Hidden Content, etc.

Above are some best methods and guidelines to avoid annoying, and losing your customers. However, these are not any kind of hard and fast rules. But, if you have an e-Commerce website, then you essentially need to adopt such points to get better results & to take your venture to the next level with higher business opportunities.

As part of our initiative for “Free Ecommerce Consultancy”, we aim to offer such advice and good to have practices that can ensure you have good customer retention and loyal customers who give you long term business. Get in touch with Envision Ecommerce to learn how you can grow your Ecommerce Venture more.

Global E-commerce Predicted to Grow by 25% in 2015

eMarketer, one of the USA’s leading independent market research companies, weighs in on its recent forecasts and trends about the global eCommerce sales that are projected to grow 7.3% in 2015 and 12.4% by 2019, with total retail sales set to reach $3.5 trillion within the next 5 years.

That represents that, in 2015, global eCommerce sales are expected to climb 25% year over year.

As per eMarketer’s recent research report, worldwide retail sales will reach to $22.822 trillion from $1.672 this year (7.3% of overall global retail sales). By 2019, online purchases are expected to grow more than double to $3.551 trillion, or 12.4% of overall retail sales of a total figure of $28.550 trillion.

Other Key Points Include:

  • The fast-growing Asia-Pacific region (35.2% at the rate per year) will project $875 billion in online sales this year. The rural areas’ consumers will spend more on online purchases through mobile phones and the region is predicted to get about 80 million new shoppers by this year.
  • A growth of 14.3% has been seen in the eCommerce sales of North America region, i.e., $375.89 billion eCommerce sales now as compared to previous year’s $328.6.
  • As per a report from the U.S. Commerce Department, the U.S. eCommerce sales are expected to increase to $349.06 billion from last year’s figure of $305 billion, i.e., an overall growth of 14% within one year. By 2019, these sales will almost twice over half a trillion dollars.

After analyzing the U.S. Market data, Monica Peart (a Senior Forecasting Analyst for eMarketer) says – “Frequency of purchases and higher-value transactions are really growing online,” “As a more mature market, we’re seeing sales continue to grow because of that. People are more willing to buy big-ticket items online.”

It represents that the growth in the willingness of people to spend online is the main reason behind such sales growth.

At Envision Ecommerce, We understand such figures and helps you inline your Ecommerce model to be part of this revolution. We understand that an eCommerce store is not a way to have presence on internet but is meant to do business and return yields. Contact us for “Free Ecommerce Consultation” and see how your eCommerce store can be your hardest working employee.

Redirect Loop – A trouble for WordPress/Woocommerce sites lacking SSL certificates

Many users of WordPress/WooCommerce sites have started seeing some strange issues from last week. These issues incorporate a redirect loop, broken styles sheets & missing Javascript files. All these issues resulted in a one – unable access of users to their websites. Moreover, it is really odd to hear from users that they had not done even a single change on their site before arising of this issue.

Redirect Loop – A trouble for WordPress/Woocommerce sites lacking SSL certificates

These odd issues gave rise to further cases like sites were being redirected to their https:// version, a global redirect across the full website, the page would load on http:// excluding stylesheets & scripts that would load on https://, problem with the sites not configured in accordance with SSL or not had a valid SSL certificate. WooCommerce plugin observed as the culprit of all such issues and turning the plugin to an inactive state resolved the problems. But, how can a user inactivate the plugin while functionality of a site depends on it.

The fixing of these issues can bother site owners like – there would be a need to upgrade WooCommerce version older than 2.3.12 to its latest version. However, some issues may also arise on WooCommerce side due to the usage of old or no-longer-time upgraded WooCommerce version. Even an upgraded WooCommerce with old override templates will not work any longer. So, there is first need to upgrade your override templates. “To go with the buying of an SSL certificate for your domain or hosting SSL” – is another best option to get recover from such issues. Thus, it will even work under the cases of redirected requests.

After reading this post, it is apparent for the users, especially those who are in the field of eCommerce that they should take the opportunity to include SSL on to their site to make it more and more secure.

Magento + WordPress Walk In Interviews

We invite smart, innovative and talented minds to attend walk-in interviews at Envision Ecommerce – a 5 Days Working Product Based Company. We are hiring & looking for the right candidate to be a part of our professional team, especially in MAGENTO, WORDPRESS AND ANDROID Development.

The walk-in interviews are to be held from August 17, 2015 to August 21, 2015. Come in any day from 11:30am to 6pm and join us to give wings and a perfect work life balance. Thus, walking with your up-to-date resumes and grab the right job opportunity for you in Mohali, Chandigarh.

For more information visit us at:

Google Now Indexing & Displaying Images Found Within PDF Files

It was the first time when Google started indexing of PDFs and suggested webmasters to create HTML pages for their images in order to prevent them from indexing within the PDF documents. That time seems to have changed as Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that PDF images are now being displayed within Google Image Search results.

As per Google confirmation in Search Engine Land’s recent post, it seems that Google is still running tests and experiments on this feature, started out in June. Alex Chitu, is the first person who noticed this feature of Google and was not 100% sure about Google’s ability to index PDF images. But, after this confirmation, we can say that he was absolutely right.

After such a Google update, it is apparent that users of copyright images are more secure now. Now, they can protect and prevent their images from any kind of online theft. No one can use their images without their consent.

Here are the some screenshots:


Here is an example from where you can find more image results from PDF’s: [google pdf]


Google Panda 4.2- A Slow Roll Out – Due to Technical Reasons

With the reference to Search Engine Land, we would like to bring the attention of all webmasters to a morning on Google hangout for July 31, 2015.

That Morning, in a Google+ Hangout, Google’s John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst) addressed the webmasters about Google’s slow approach towards latest Panda 4.2 update. “Internal issues“ associated with “Technical reasons” – behind this slow roll out – came up as the only one answer for all the webmasters for their several times asking about this update. That is why the most recent Panda 4.2 roll out is running a bit slower than the normal and covering months instead of weeks or days. And also it is clear from the conversation between John and webmaster that the Panda 4.2 Slow Roll Out is not to “confuse people.

Or as Google’s John Mueller puts it:

“This [Panda Rollout] is actually pretty much a similar update to before. For technical reasons we are rolling it out a bit slower. It is not that we are trying to confuse people with this. It is really just for technical reasons.

So, it is not that we are crawling slowly. We are crawling and indexing normal, and we are using that content as well to recognize higher quality and lower quality sites. But we are rolling out this information in a little bit more slower way. Mostly for technical reasons.

It is not like we are making this process slower by design, it is really an internal issue on our side.”

That means all the webmasters have to wait for months and months – to see a positive or negative impact of this Panda 4.2 update and to analyze themselves as “Winners or Losers”.

Have a look at FAQs asked by Search Engine Land while interviewing Google on the most recent Panda 4.2 update.


~Screenshot Taken From Search Engine Land Blog Post

Google Saying GoodBye to Local 7-Pack and Hello to 3-Pack

After a recent Google Local search result update, Google is now displaying 3 pack as a replacement for 7 pack Google local SERP results. It seems that Google has said a complete Goodbye to that traditional 7 pack for local business pages, making them more competitive.

Have a look at the result of such update that drops 7 down to a 3 Pack:

Google Local Listings Are Now 7 Pack From 3 Pack

Here is a screen shot showing what the local results looked like previously?


What would be the impact of this update?

  • Everyone, especially who is in the field of SEO, can easily predict about the major consequences of this update.
  • Fewer phone calls and sales for businesses after 3rd position.
  • More business opportunities for First 3 search results.
  • Difficult to outrank the Google local listing 3 pack for plenty of local SEO experts.
  • A visitor will have to click through to the Google Maps listing or to the site to know more about a desired business.
  • 3 local pack changes come along with an option to call a business through tapping on listings – only on mobiles.
  • Removal of links to Google reviews that is making Google+ more unrelated than before.
  • A visitor can find the information about store regarding store hours & store closing.
  • Searchers will always have to expand the 3 pack local search result box in order to view more listing results.

SUPEE-6482 – A New Magento Security Patch

Magento is looking serious with its recent security flaws and patches updates. After an announcement of security patch – SUPEE-6285 from Magento, another security patch was released by Magento yesterday (5th August), i.e., SUPEE-6482. The patch covers the issue with APIs and two cross-site scripting risks.

We at Envision Ecommerce have always been keen about the security updates and consider it as utmost required for your store. We make you to apply the new SUPEE-6482 patch as soon as possible. Best eCommerce solution is one that is secure and thus we need to ensure that the stores are updated with these patches. Before installing the patch, please make sure that the previous three patches are already installed on the store. The patch will work on top of it.

The patch is accessible from Magento CE 1.4 and later. It’s already integrated into CE For Magento EE, the patch’s accessibility starting from EE 1.7 and later. It will also be a part of EE that will be released on August 6.

In a case, where you are not sure about the patch update and how it is done, we are here to help you with our patch installation service. We have already installed the patches (like SUPEE-6285, SUPEE-5994 –our recently installed patches) for over 80+ stores and we can do it fast and safe for you.