7 Digital Marketing Trends to Look For In 2016

As technology & customer attitudes are changing constantly with time, so digital marketers must amend accordingly. For 2016, digital marketing experts necessitate to think out of the box in order to stay ahead else you will just shine & then fade away in this buzzing & ever-competitive marketing world. Here are the top 7 digital marketing trends to look for in 2016 to stay geared up & thriving throughout the year 2016.

  1. The Popularity of Video Ads

Video Ads are most expected to shake up the digital marketing game as videos engage audience successfully than other marketing efforts. According to marketingtechblog.com, 52% of digital marketing experts all over the world state video brings best ROI, and B2B & B2C marketers name the video as the top 3 most effectual social media marketing tactic. However, emails using the word “Video” in subject have 19% growth in open rates, 65% growth in CTR (Click Through Rate), and 26% reduction in unsubscribes. It’s a sign that 93% of marketers are becoming more accepting of video ads for their online marketing, sales as well as communication.

All afore given stats make sure that video ads are prominent tools that not only bring best ROI, but also help marketers in enhancing visibility on social channels such as YouTube (having millions of visitors). According to Forbes (a global media company, Google also is all set to include video ads in its Google search results. It strengthens the value of video adverts in the world of digital marketing.

  1. A Great Appeal of Mobile Apps

Whether it is a website for online shopping, social dating, or other, Mobile apps are replacing everything now as these are more insightful, convenient & accessible than sites. Apps may be called as a parcel of today’s buzzing digital marketing lifestyle. And, almost all online retailers & product marketers are taking benefits in today’s app-driven market through truly engaging mobile apps.

  1. The rise of Content Marketing

The websites, who feature an active blog, produce 67% additional leads based on a monthly comparison with those who don’t run a blog. Content marketing strategies will keep on to grow in the forthcoming months of this year 2016. Digital marketing professionals can’t shift back to the conventional strategies of push marketing. In actual fact, online brands will need to pay out a lot of their time in producing more appropriate, engaging & inspiring content than ever before.

  1. Mobile Dominates over Desktop

Forbes revealed that ‘mobile will completely dominate desktop’. In the year 2015, Google (source: http://searchengineland.com/its-official-google-says-more-searches-now-on-mobile-than-on-desktop-220369) has also made such announcements that ‘More searches take place on mobile devices than on computers’. Below are some stats that illustrate the usage of mobile online consumers:

  • 65 billion worldwide users make use of mobile phone devices. (Source: Marketingland.com)
  • Two billion consumers use the web by means of their mobile devices. (Source: Mobify.com)
  • 34% buyers look for diverse products by using their mobile devices. (Source: Statista.com)
  • 4 out of 5 consumers make use of smartphones while shopping online. (Source: Convinceandconvert.com)

It means that Google is now more focused towards mobile optimized sites than desktop optimized sites for its ranking solutions. Also, the next year may see the smart money resting on mobile-focused online marketing.

  1. Emergence of Virtual Reality Devices

The release of dozens of different virtual reality devices seems to be scheduled in the next few years. These devices will reinforce the need to put together with social media platforms. The marketing purpose behind these virtual reality devices is to offer consumers with experiences so as to induce them to physically visit a location or event.

  1. Rising Demand of Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology seems to overlay a new ground in the digital marketing world by the end of 2016. With the rising demand of wearable technology based devices, digital marketers seem to adopt some new marketing strategies to reach out customers & potential customers. According to some researches & survey, 20% of American adults have their own wearable device and it looks ahead to rise over the next few years with name ‘convenience marketing.’

  1. Niche social platforms

Any savvy digital marketer has a proficiency in understanding your business’s need like your business should be there where your audience is, it means the presence of your business at niche social platforms. These platforms help you in building real-time connections with your audience, and also offer you more engaged & passionate audience. The niche social channels are continuing to be a focus while considering digital marketing trends in 2016.

Obviously, while considering digital marketing trends, these are just the tip of the Envision Ecommerce. There may be plenty other opportunities for digital marketing professionals to adopt as new marketing tactics that may shift their current marketing status and we will love to hear from your what you feel will be a ground breaking trend this year.

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Why you can’t ignore the rise of the wearables market

Envision Ecommerce 2015 Overview in Infographics

2015 was a foundation year for us. As we enter into 2016, we look back into 2015 to see how we have done in 9 Months of our establishment and what all we have achieved. From getting ISO 9001:2008 Certified, to becoming partners with Magecloud and Veeqo, to helping some budding entrepreneurs and working with some already established International brands, the year 2015 has been wonderful. We produced some finest ecommerce products that helped many store owners. We also produced some excellent white labelled solutions for many of our customers. We grew to a team of 25 people and enjoyed our work life balance.

The start of 2016 has already been great. We become a Google Adwords Certified Company and looking to gain more authority in Digital Marketing. We have already gained expertise in Cross Platform Mobile app development using Ionic Framework. Apart from that, within the first month of 2016 we have already produced 6 new extensions and plugins for Magento as well as WooCommerce. We also have a highly proficient team in Laravel and AngualrJs now. We have been working on Shopify but we are going to get more deeper into it’s development.

The year ahead is going to be one promising as all this was “Just The Beginning”. We invite you to be part of this Growth with us. Let’s Grow Together.

We have collected some of the facts in the infographics below to share some of our achievements with you.


How to Create an Online Grocery Store?

Toothpaste, soap, milk and vegetables like things may seem to be small & very less important, but these things play a crucial role in your day-to-day activities. You can live without cinema, cafe & restaurants, but there is no way you can live without your toothpaste, soap & many other groceries.

Due to the fast paced life of the city, tiresome traveling and long working hours, most people don’t have enough time to buy such groceries, and prefer online grocery stores. Thus, online grocery stores are getting popular in India and Internationally due to growing online-customer base & online shopping, increasing internet connections (partly via smartphone), absolute convenience, and ease of shopping.

Globally, grocery e-stores are on the rise nearly seven times faster as compared to offline formats. On the other hand, Indian online retail space is projected to be worth over $500 billion, with 30-40% of the business expectations over the period of the next seven years. This presents a great opportunity in the eCommerce industry, especially lies with e-grocery space.

AmazonFresh, Walmart, BigBasket, AaramShop, AtMyDoorSteps, ZopNow, PepperTap, RationHut, EkStop, MyGrhak, SeaToHome, and Groffers are some of the grocery e-stores. Grocery shopping now comes as service oriented venture. If you are also thinking of creating such online grocery store, you need to create a store which makes consumer’s daily routine easier, more handy, more enjoyable, and people would prefer to buy only from your store & would buy more & more.

By following simple steps, you can be assured to create your very own grocery e-store:

  1. Make an Amazing First Impression

As we know “First impression is the last impression”, so you need to create a grocery e-store which makes an amazing first impression on your consumers. However, it takes about 50 milliseconds for your visitors to decide if they like to turn into customers or not.

  1. Why Photos of Your Groceries Matter?

The impressive photos of your groceries, help your customers to remember 80% of what they see on your site as compared to 20% of what they read.

  1. User Friendly Site’s Navigation

A stress-free & easy-to-use navigation allows visitors to easily find the grocery item they’re looking for.

  1. Have a Unique Selling Idea

Being creative & selling your grocery items with your own unique ideas like craft skills or decorations, top selling products, reminder from your grocery e-store about special offers, possible saving benefits & product suggestion on the basis of visitors’ shopping history, tricky product pricing, review or rating based products to save time & money, etc.

  1. Start Blogging

A blogging section on your Grocery website can increase the number of visitors by 50%. Always keep your customers or regular visitors informed about your new shared grocery list or added products. It will help you to grow your customer base. Hence, more sales!

  1. Appealing About Us Page

“About us” page is a window into your grocery e-store. Thus, you should pay attention to this most important section & keep it appealing & fresh. According to some research & surveys, it has been found that 7% of visitors who come to your e-store’s home page & click on your “About us page” to know more about you; those who check about us page convert 30% more than those who don’t check it & spend on average 22.5% more $

  1. Successful SEO Strategy with Omnichannel Solution

Only traditional SEO strategy is not just enough for your online grocery store, you need to develop successful SEO strategy with Omnichannel solutions. This merging of both digital & Omnichannel solution could become a significant & a valuable part of your e-store’s customers’ lives in terms of long-lasting & profitable relationships.

  1. Live Chat Feature

Use live chat feature to support your potential customers to make a decision faster, and also to help them in finding right products they look for.

  1. Improve Shopping Cart Experience:

A grocery e-store needs to serve customers with an improved shopping cart experience so that they can easily cram their shopping carts with the grocery products they would like to purchase. Also, avoid the followings that may lead your customers with abandoned shopping carts:

  • Not enough payment options
  • Slow online store
  • Additional shipping fees
  1. Show Visitors Your Store is Secure & Trustworthy

Customers are very sensitive to their online data, and they check any e-store before placing an order to ensure your store is secure & trustworthy. So, you need to careful about the followings:

  • Choose a secure platform
  • Use Strong SSL authentication
  • Order Tracking Feature
  • Strong password
  • Run PCI tests
  1. Social Media Power

Social media power is also necessary for any online grocery retail to gain more popularity over the web. Twitter and Facebook are a must for every grocery e-store than Pinterest & Instagram. So, set up your grocery business profiles & be as active as possible, devoid of spamming your followers or fans.

  1. Pay Attention To Mobile Users

It has been found that 70% of mobile searches result in an action only under an hour. However, 40% of the consumers prefer a competitor site if they don’t get enough & valid required response to your online grocery store. So, you need to optimize your store for different screen size devices or mobile devices for your mobile users. However, you can develop a mobile app for your online grocery store to reach successfully to all your regular customers.

  1. Select Best eCommerce Platform

When it comes to choosing ecommerce platform for your online grocery retail, you may have too many options like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce & many others. Now, you need to decide which faster commerce platform is better for your grocery retail.

Figuring an ideal store creation is fairly tough, so the best recommendation for you to just start it now. Purchase a domain & select a best ecommerce platform & start selling your groceries. You won’t make any income just by thinking about creating an online grocery store that you’ve always dreamed about; you have to take the very foremost step.

Get in touch with Envision Ecommerce For Best Consultation and Recommendation to ensure that you create best Grocery store that not only solves the problem of people around you but also turns out to be a fruitful business venture for you.

Image credits : http://www.fmi.org/research-resources/grocerytrends2014

Envision Ecommerce is now an OffIcial Google Adwords Certified Company

Today, we are proud to announce that Envision Ecommerce is now an official Google AdWords Certified company. Our digital marketing team has worked hard to meet a number of the required qualifications to earn this distinction. These requirements cover AdWords exams & certification, achieving scores more than the average Google Partner & many other best practices required to become a trusted Adwords partner with Google.

The certification identifies our digital marketing expertise in creating & managing AdWords, Google’s online advertising & PPC system, and endorses our work quality that we offer to our customers. It also strengthens our position as a leader in having all required skills & paid search marketing services to meet with today’s dynamic market demands.

After achieving such certification, our digital marketing certified professionals now take tremendous pleasure to continue on the cutting edge of marketing technology to serve our customers, and also being among the best SEO & digital marketing team’s accessible.

If you require a certified digital marketing expert to look after your online business & its marketing, Envision Ecommerce is in a great position to assist your business. We would like to help you by letting know how a Google AdWords campaign could be beneficial for your business, and also putting together a complimentary report that shows the traffic amount on the basis of different stages of ad spend.

New Features Introduced in Magento 2.0.1

Recently Magento announced new Magento 2.0.1 releases in order to enhance the security and functionality of your Magento based website.The releases come up with several other imperative functional updates. These updates come down to the followings:

  1. Magento 2.0.1 incorporates official for PHP 7.0.2 (Our Previous Blog: http://demo.envisionecommerce.com///the-rise-of-php-7-most-important-shift-in-lamp-stack/)
  2. This support further encourages dramatic performance improvements
  3. Reduces memory consumption significantly.
  4. There are multiple security & functional fixes addressed by Magento 2.0.1. These fixes contain:
  • XSS in backend via user name – APPSEC-1263
  • Block cache exploit – APPSEC-1247
  • Stored XSS in Order Comments – APPSEC-1239
  • SQL Injection via layered navigation
  • Guest order view protection code vulnerable to brute-force attack – APPSEC-1270
  • XSS in Product Custom Options – APPSEC-1267
  • Editing or Deleting Reviews with no permission – APPSEC-1268
  • CAPTCHA Bypass – APPSEC-1283
  • Reflected XSS with cookie header – APPSEC-1255
  • CSRF Delete Items from Cart – APPSEC-1212
  • Injected code can be stored in database – APPSEC-1240
  • Incorrect filter – APPSEC-1282

The newer verison of Magento 2.0 will help developers in a much better way to be updated with their learning curve. In some case, if you feel a need for helping hands to apply Magento update services, we are happy to help you out.

New Magento Security Patches & Releases Announced

A collection of new security releases & patches has been announced today, affecting all versions of Magento & addressing certain vulnerabilities that may access customer information or take a control over admin session, and also not confirming any attack related to the security issues. All new releases are mainly for Magento 1.x & Magento 2.x versions, and there is also a separate USPS patch update supporting recent USPS changes.

We strongly encourage all our customers and users of Magento to update their Magento versions for new releases & patches in order to improve the security & functionality of Magento sites.

Magento 2.x based Magento sites should implement the following patches or upgrades:

  • Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0.0: Upgrade to Enterprise Edition 2.0.1
  • Magento Community Edition 2.0.0: Upgrade to Community Edition 2.0.1


However, Magento 1.x based Magento sites should go with:

  • Magento Enterprise Editions SUPEE-7405 and SUPEE-7616 or upgrade to Enterprise Edition
  • Magento Community Editions SUPEE-7405 and SUPEE-7616 or upgrade to Community Edition


How to Download Such Recent Updates?


Enterprise Edition Merchants can download a patch or release by following steps:

Enterprise Edition 

Go to My Account > Downloads Tab > Magento Enterprise Edition 1.X > Magento Enterprise Edition 1.x Release > Version

SUPEE-7405 (Security Enhancements)

Go to My Account > Downloads Tab > Magento Enterprise Edition 1.X > Magento Enterprise Edition 1.x Release > Support Patches / Security Patches > Security Patches – January 2016

SUPEE-7616 (USPS Changes)

Go to My Account > Downloads Tab > Magento Enterprise Edition 1.X > Magento Enterprise Edition 1.x Release > Support Patches / Security Patches > USPS API – January 2016

Enterprise Edition 2.0.1 (New Installations)

Go to My Account > Downloads Tab > Magento Enterprise Edition 2.X > Magento Enterprise Edition 2.x Release > Version 2.0.1

Enterprise Edition 2.0.1 (Upgrade an Existing Installation)

This upgrade can be done from here: http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.0/comp-mgr/bk-compman-upgrade-guide.html

On the other hand, Community Edition Merchants can download a patch or release by following steps:

Community Edition

Community Edition Download Page > Release Archive Tab

SUPEE-7405 (Security Enhancements)

Community Edition Download Page > Release Archive Tab > Magento Community Edition Patches - 1.x Section

SUPEE-7616 (USPS Changes)

Community Edition Download Page > Release Archive Tab > Magento Community Edition Patches - 1.x Section

Community Edition 2.0.1 (New Installations)

Community Edition Download Page > Download Tab

Community Edition 2.0.1 (Upgrade an Existing Installation)

This upgrade can be done from below mentioned link: http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.0/comp-mgr/bk-compman-upgrade-guide.html

Community Edition 2.0.1 (Developers Contributing Code to the CE Code Base)

This upgrade can be done from here: http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.0/install-gde/install/cli/dev_options.html

As an eCommerce consultant company, we recommend you to be particularly careful while deploying a new version (implemented & tested in a development environment) to your production site so that it can actually perform as expected.

In a case, where you are not sure about the new releases & updates, and also don’t know how it is done, we can help you with our patch installation & security update services. We have already installed the patches (like SUPEE-6285, SUPEE-5994 –our recently installed patches) for over 80+ stores, and successfully done such security updates for many sites earlier. So, we are well aware to ensure your store security, and you can connect with our Magento services to do it fast & safe for you.

WooCommerce 2.5 – A New Version Of WooCommerce is Available Now!

A new version of world’s most popular eCommerce platform, WooCommerce 2.5 “Dashing Dolphin” is just released. As an eCommerce consultant, we always keep an eye on such eCommerce related updates & releases so as to gear up for all new challenges & taking all necessary steps. In order to do the same, we are going to take a look into what’s new & revolutionized in WooCommerce 2.5 today.

WooCommerce 2.5 has come up with developer-oriented changes, like WP-CLI support and new REST API endpoints, mainly to enhance store performance & management. Also, all these changes & improvements are done to make WooCommerce more flexible to different site configurations.

A new session handler, more flexible checkout process, much faster product review display & PHP 7 support, all these changes are the biggest ones in new version of WooCommerce that make it more reliable & fast. The other added new endpoints include:

  • Supports POST, PUT, and DELETE for product categories and tags.
  • Supports filtering of products by tag, category, shipping class, and attribute.
  • Tax and tax_class endpoints for setting up tax rates.
  • Other template changes & much more.

WooCommerce 2.5 includes some small quality of life changes for shop owners and administrators to improve store management, while adding some very useful developer tools and performance enhancements.

However, there are also some small quality of life changes included in WooCommerce 2.5, for shop owners and managers. These changes cover the followings:

  • Removal of shipping display mode
  • Improved Tax settings
  • Ability to quickly view and easily manage emails
  • “Pay” Link for admin to easily send to customers
  • Ability to search for both parent/simple & a specific variation’s SKU

Frontend Minor Changes to Improve Customers’ Shopping Experience:

  • Visibility of “Add to Cart” button only after selecting a variation for variable products
  • Terms and conditions checkbox before “Place Order” button
  • Strong passwords

The blog post is just to inform you about such new enhancements & changes in new WooCommerce 2.5. We also recommend you to make a backup, update extensions, & then update your WooCommerce store to make your updating process as smooth as probable.

Allow Your Visitors to Inspect Your Products with a More Detailed View

Regardless of what trendy online-trade you are into, displaying your product items in the catalog with a stock image is not just enough to show the exact quality of your products. So, it would be better to allow your visitors to inspect your products with a more detailed view. A zooming feature could be an appealing solution because it offers visitors to look at the products more closely.

Now, for those who have an online eCommerce business based on WordPress & WooCommerce, we have just released a WooCommerce Advance Image Zoom plugin which allows visitors to magnify product images by simply hovering the mouse over them. The customers can now analyze the product with more detailed view, and they don’t have the need to go searching for any additional images for clearer view or details.

As the name (WooCommerce Advance Image Zoom) suggests, the plugin features advance setting panel to configure it differently to make it working differently in the front end such as cursor type options, lens shape options, lens color options, lens border, zoom window width, height, color & border options, fade-in speed, fade-out speed, and much more. The other major features of this plugin include:

  • Allows to enlarge product images on mouseover.
  • Allows to set zooming feature effortlessly with its advance setting panel.
  • Features easy-to-use configurable magnification settings.
  • Comes up with easy Lens zoom & image position settings.
  • Compatibility with all WordPress themes.
  • Supports “Be Theme”, “Avada”, “Wshop”, “WooDizain”, & all WordPress default themes
  • A very lightweight plugin.

Taken as a whole, our WooCommerce Advance Image Zoom plugin not only helps in increasing the emotions of your customers, but also enhances the sales of your WooCommerce store. Creating & improving a practical & emotional user experience for your website & products, it is always a fine thing to do. So, just do it right now!

The plugin is also available at our CodeCanyon Profile.

Is Google Ranking Algorithm Getting An Update?

At Envision Ecommerce we always keep an eye on things happening around which can impact your online Business. While working on one of our project for Digital Marketing, we noticed some changes in the Google ranking since a week. The changes were in the rankings and they were not normal which caused us to investigate more.

We at first thought that it could be possibly due to some programming changes but on detail investigation we feel that it is having Panda Update signals in it but this is based on initial investigation.

According to Moz’s Google algorithm change history, there is an unnamed update occurred on Jan 8, 2016:

“Google Confirms: Core Search Ranking Update Took Place But Not Penguin Related (SER)”.

Furthermore, Gary Illyes (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) mentioned about this translation in his tweet:



And John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst) did also a tweet:


We still have queries & doubts around what this exactly means and eagerly waiting when Google will officially announce about this update & its impact.

As we get to know more, we will update you.



Add More Credibility to Your WooCommerce Store with Our New Plugin

We announce our next release WooCommerce Product Star Rating and Review. This plugin comes with attractive star rating & a review system to facilitate you build an aesthetically pleasing review based website. In addition to this, it also encourages your customers to add star ratings & reviews to your store’s products.

With the help of this easy-to-install & customizable WooCommerce plugin, a store admin is allowed to restrict/permit adding reviews option for different users like regular customers, logged-in users, visitors, etc. There are many other features supported by this WooCommerce plugin. These are mentioned below:

[vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]

  • It allows shoppers to add reviews to your store’s products.
  • The plugin features an attractive Star style review system.
  • The store admin has the option to restrict adding reviews for customers only.
  • It also allows the store admin to restrict adding reviews of customers who have purchased a product.
  • Let only logged-in users to view reviews.
  • Let all logged-in users to add reviews.
  • It allows you to choose who can review, purchased users or normal users or both.


By openly presenting reviews, you can help your customers in making more informed purchase decisions. However, the display of reviews gives customers some guarantees about your store. The plugin not only encourages your customers to add their reviews, but you can also use it to present such reviews to your potential customers. Overall, this WooCommerce plugin improves the credibility of your WooCommerce store & enhances sales.

The plugin is also available at our CodeCanyon Profile