Magento 2 Permissions Exception During bin/magento setup: upgrade

After updating a module & running bin/magento setup: upgrade, if you are getting exception – “Missing write permissions to the following directories: ‘/var/www/html/magento2/pub/static’, you don’t need to worry anymore. Due to an older installation where some symlinks & old files are no longer existing, when checkInstallationFilePermissions confirms the permission recursively, it finds missing symlink & returns false on the verification step. This blog post is going to explore the steps to handle this exception & how to debug it.

1) setup/src/Magento/Setup/Model/FilePermissions.php


2) Come to the line 143 in method checkRecursiveDirectories


3) Include the lines var_dump($subDirectory);var_dump($subDirectory->isWritable());


4) Run again – bin/magento setup: upgrade


After performing above steps, if you are still not able to debug the issue,


5) You need to check for existing modules that no longer exist, but having files in pub/static folder. We recommend you delete such files.


After such steps, run php bin/magento setup: upgrade command, and also clear cache.

Magento SUPEE 7405 V1.1 Released

Magento releases another version of its previously released SUPEE 7405 security update. The new SUPEE 7405 V1.1 add support for PHP 5.3 and address issues with upload file permissions, merging carts, and SOAP APIs experienced with the original release.

We recommend all store owners to get their store updated with this new release ASAP. One can simply install SUPEE 7405 V1.1 or upgrade to Magento Enterprise Edition or Magento Community Edition

The new SUPEE-7405 v 1.1 patch bundle includes the following:

  1. Cart Merge Patch (SUPEE-7978)
  2. SOAP API Patch (SUPEE-7822)
  3. PHP 5.3 Compatibility (SUPEE-7882)

As an eCommerce consultant company, we recommend you to be particularly careful while deploying this new update to your store.

In a case, where you are not sure about the new releases & updates, and also don’t know how it is done, we can help you with our patch installation & security update services. We have already installed the patches (like SUPEE-6285, SUPEE-5994, SUPEE 7405 –our recently installed patches) for over 80+ stores, and successfully done such security updates for many sites earlier. So, we are well aware to ensure your store security, and you can connect with our Magento services to do it fast & safe for you.

Advance WordPress Survey – Connect To Your Visitors More Easily

We at Envision Ecommerce are excited about the new launch of our Advance WordPress Survey plugin. Advance WordPress Survey is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows creation of multiple surveys by the means of a simple shortcode, especially for a WordPress based website.

The plugin comes with a user-friendly form builder which further allows appending multiple questions in a single survey through different form elements such as text input, email, textarea, number, dropdown, radio buttons, checkboxes & custom HTML. The plugin is equipped with other lots of features in order to connect you with your visitors without any difficulty. These features encompass the followings:

  1. You can use this plugin to create multiple surveys with simple shortcode.
  2. The plugin is equipped with multiple form elements which supports you to add multiple questions in a single survey.
  3. It is a user-friendly plugin because it publishes surveys on pages, posts or widgets via shortcode [eecom_survey id=”1”].
  4. It is easy to setup this plugin for maximum response limit for every single survey so as to auto close after attaining the maximum response limit.
  5. Different authentication methods can be easily set up in favor of different surveys such as:
  • A survey based on all users
  • Surveys based on only registered users
  • Cookies based surveys
  1. The plugin features a survey dashboard that can be used to display total response of:
  • All Surveys
  • Closed Surveys
  • Total Surveys
  1. The survey results section of the plugin supports admin to monitor total response of every survey with each respondent review on each question.
  2. You will not only get a complete report about each survey, but can easily manage this plugin in line with your survey look.
  3. The plugin is fully responsive & 100% customizable.

To find a breakthrough success with your WordPress based website, we recommend you to implement some more creative ideas within your site, and you’re going to need this Advance WordPress Survey plugin. We have just launched this plugin which is also live on Codecanyon, so you can start using it by downloading from Codecanyon. We can’t wait for you to try it & let us know what you think about it!

Beware of Fake SUPEE-5344 Patch – Exploiting Magento Admin Access to Steal Payment Details

A critical security patch – SUPEE-5344 was released in the month of Feb, 2015 & we also did a blog to update you regarding that shoplift bug & its vulnerability. ( While that patch was released so far, but many Magento store owners didn’t update, which further provided hackers with an opportunity to exploit admin access within the Magento application & stealing payment details through JavaScript files & PHP files modifications.

Thus, it is very important to update all Magento versions (preceding to Feb 2015) in tune with SUPPE – 5344.

Due to its high importance, many hackers recognize how essential this patch is for Magento users & some are trying to deploy fake SUPEE-5344 patches on different websites in order to create admin users & fetch payment details. So, beware of the fake SUPEE-5344 patch & make sure to install genuine SUPEE-5344 from the official website of Magento. Also, ensure that you are using the latest Magento version, change passwords of all admin users, examine your Magento admin accounts and supervise the integrity of Magento’s files.

As a focused eCommerce consultant, we also would like to recommend you to segregate your existing eCommerce site from your other sites, particularly those sites that you’ve not updated yet, and protected in against of SUPEE-5344. Even you need to make your Magento store blog live on a separate hosting account. If you are facing any problem regarding SUPPE – 5344 installation, Envision Ecommerce welcomes you & has good news for you as you can avail this installation service (& any other product/service) on 20% OFF (Use Coupon Code: VALENTINE20%).



“Love is…in the air” as Valentine’s Day is less than 3 days away (Sunday, February 14th!). Pulling off a wonderful Valentine’s Day for your eCommerce store requires just the right eCommerce products with discounts.

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Is Your Online Store Ready for Valentines Day Sale?

Valentine’s day is less than two weeks away. According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Valentine’s day consumer spending survey, romantic lovers & couples are expected to spend a total estimated amount of $18.9 billion on gifts and other merchandise related to Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day is the major spending celebration just after the wintry-weather shopping season, and consumers will spend an incredible amount of money to express their love, it is good to get your store ready to pull on the hearts of your audience in the right ways:

  1. Mobile-Friendly Store

Almost a third of online customers prefer mobile as their shopping channel for making Valentine’s day purchases. According to resources Mobify, 30% of customers abandon a purchase via their mobiles if the site isn’t mobile friendly. So, a mobile optimized site should be your top priority for the period of peak sales during Valentine’s Day.

According to Criteo, smartphones & tablets will form 28% of sales for different categories that perceive the biggest beat around Valentine’s Day. If your e-store is not mobile responsive yet, you need to make it first or you can go with mobile- app promotional activities like in-app promotion to send push notifications and assistance to facilitate users in discovering gifts via recipient or product types.

  1. Grab Your Visitors Attention By Striking Gifts & Discounts

Attractive gifts & discounts can be geared towards encouraging sales on Valentine’s Day. You can offer a discount or some special gifts on certain things available in your e-store. It will help you to get rid of any surplus inventory left over after the holiday period. Valentine’s Day is demanding for almost all couples, so adding some additional values onto your e-store in the form of striking gifts, discounts, or even a vamped up live chat to induce visitors to shop from your e-store.

  1. Decorate E-store by Implementing Themes of Love:

Valentine’s Day is based on themes of love, and also people expect to visit stores with an imagery associated with themes of love like e-stores equipped with pink & red colors and eye-catching heart shapes. So, you need to work on such love based themes, images or graphics on your e-store’s homepage or in emails body or subject leading up to the day. Setting your online store’s theme according to the occasion Valentine’s Day can do the trick for you to make your e-store shining among other competitors in your same business line.

  1. And the Final Touch – Effective Marketing Strategy

Making your store ready without an effective marketing strategy is a bit like getting ready to throw a party but forgot to send invitations. Thus, you need to put something special in your e-store for Valentine’s Day like social media campaigns or some attractive Ads. While considering sale signs, we have collected some sales figures for you. According to CNN:

  • $130.97 — it is per person average projected spending that people will pay out on Valentine’s Day.
  • $18.6 billion — it is the total spending that will be targeted by Valentine’s Day this year.
  • 7% — it is the percentage of people who are expected to make use of their Smartphones to buy Valentine’s gifts.
  • 29% — it is the percentage of people who are expected to send romantic text messages to their close ones.
  • 151 million — it is an estimated number of cards that are going to be exchanged on Valentine’s Day.

All aforegiven figures & statistics give you an estimate that people are really going to spend money, occasionally a huge chunk, on this Valentine’s Day. So, you need to promote your e-store on Valentine’s Day by effective social media & other digital marketing strategies.

After reading all above mentioned tips, do you still believe that your store is ready & perfect for Valentine’s Day 2016? Share your views & tips or Get in touch with us to review your online store and help you get more sales this Valentine’s Day.

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