How to Use jQuery Library in Magento 2?

Magento 2 comes with a lot of built-in by-default features. Although, there is always a need to include jQuery while creating a Magento 2 theme as it facilitates a dynamic & interactive front-end. Require JS enhances performance by enabling javascript to get loaded in the background similar to Lazy javascript loading.

To add jQuery library in Magento 2, you need to include the jQuery code inside require:

<script type=”text/javascript”>


    require([‘jquery’],function($ ){











It is the most recommended way and the best practice to use jQuery library in Magento 2. Share your feedback & queries and also let us know if you need any assistance along the way.

Secure Your Third Party Magento Themes and Extensions from Risk!

Recently, we got to know that SQL injection vulnerability has been established in several third-party extensions and themes. Extension’s vulnerability includes MD Quickview, SmartWave Quick View, (EM) Extreme Magento Ajaxcart and (EM) Extreme Magento Quickshop. And, these extensions have been used in various themes, such as Trego, Kallyas, and Porto from smartWave. We’ve also received a report that other SmartWave themes are also at risk. So, if you are currently using any of these extensions or themes, immediately contact the company from where you brought the particular themes and extensions to update the code with the latest version.

We highly recommend you to evaluate all your Magento administrator accounts to protect from unknown users. You should also reset all your administrator passwords for high security.

Envision Ecommerce Becomes More Effective Than Ever Before!

We are pleased to announce that our website “Envision Ecommerce” is now all set to introduce the new layout today. Advanced technologies & latest platform versions such as LARAVEL, Angular JS, Magento 2 development, Omni Channel and many more lure eCommerce business owners to keep on browsing our website.

Another new & useful attribute of Envision Ecommerce is mobile app development. Shopping online through smartphones, is quite an effective and user-friendly way. So, we create a mobile app that helps you to take your business at a new level.

We now showcase all that we do which was missing in our earlier website layout.. From unique shipping strategy to the user-friendly site’s navigation, the new layout speaks more about our different capabilities and expertise that helps us come out as best Ecommerce Consultancy.

Check out our revamped website here, and give us your feedback.

Envision Ecommerce Partners with Amasty

We at Envision Ecommerce are thrilled about our new partnership with Amasty – one of the leading Magento extension developers & a Bronze Magento Partner. We teamed up with Amasty to amplify business cooperation and make this integration advantageous for our customers by providing them with a complete eCommerce solution.

Amasty is a certified Magento Bronze Industry Partner with a professional team, comprises of 5 certified Magento developers, specialized in creating premium Magento extensions and Magento customization services of any complexity. Since its inception in Magento industry, it has developed more than 80 extensions & served over 40,000 Magento stores worldwide.

This mutual cooperation with such an excellent Magento Bronze Industry partner means a lot for us and we believe that this integration will bring us new experiences and new possibilities to carry out every possible thing to meet our customers’ expectations.

Happy Foundation Day Envision Ecommerce

Envision Ecommerce celebrates its first Foundation Day Anniversary today. In last one year Envision have risen from a fledgling startup to one of the most buzzing & fast-growing company in the eCommerce world. This first year has been an incredible ride for all Envisionaries.

Today, just 12 months later, we have a team of 30 creative minds with a management having combined experience of around 25 plus years of professional expertise in this ever-buzzing & competitive eCommerce industry. Since our inception, we are active in achieving excellence & some unique advancements in different ecommerce fields such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce and many others.

To briefly outline what has been attained in this first year – we officially got established on April 24th, 2015 and first-half of the year was spent recruiting certified Magento developers,  PHP professionals, Digital Marketing Experts, Mobile App developers, Hybrid Mobile App Developers, Laravel  & AngualrJs  developers, UI/UX designers, passionate & creative writers, and QA analysts;  producing cutting-edge eCommerce solutions, developing unique Magento extensions from scratch, partnering ourselves with other major organizations and developing a totally new form focused eCommerce company from the ground up.


Envision Ecommerce has launched more than 32 eCommerce products and served over 200+ online stores with different services. We created a seprate mobile development entity where we have already developed more than 9 mobile apps (including IOS & Android apps). Qualty of deliverable has always been at our heart of development and with thus we got ourself ISO 9001:2008 certification to ensure it is met in all that we do. Apart from getting Google Adword certification, We also partnered with like minded eCommerce consultancy across the globe which are doing wonderful work (Magecloud & Veeqo). We have done over 100+ informative blogs which has over 32000+ views already. Our first year has been an intense & a happy journey for all our Envisionaries. Those of you that have raised a technical ticket support will already know about the proficiency & the friendliness of our technical support team.

Through this blog post, we just would like to say a big thank to all those who have signed up & purchased our eCommerce products; all those who have partnered with us; all those who have experienced our eCommerce services; and of course our team of Envisionaries – without the contribution & enthusiasm of these people we would not be where we are today!

We have recently done some structural changes in the Management of the Company and with these changes the company is going to take a great leap in the year to come. Recently, Mr Sunil Thakral Joined in Company Management to take it to new heights with his experience and proven success. We are already expanding our team and adding more flavor to our services. We are working on some ground changing products and innovative ideas to make us stand out as what we are committed to be “Focused Ecommerce Consultancy”. As we always say, we have just begun and we invite you all to try our products, our services. “Let’s Grow Together”.


Generally, we directly acquire the image path in Magento 1 by using this code:

$this->getSkinUrl() function;

However, it seems a little hard to correctly figure out the product image path in Magento 2. There are some changes to call the images path. You can get full product image path in the templates by using the code mentioned below:

echo $block->getImage($_product, $image)->getImageUrl();

It will return a full image path, including the cached image path for Magento 2 products.

However, if you also need to get image height and width, you can use the following code:

echo $block->getImage($_product, $image)->getHeight();

It will return you the image height.

echo $block->getImage($_product, $image)->getWidth();

And, it will help you to return the image width.

We hope this blog post helps you. Let us know how would you go about this and share your own Magento 2 coding tips and tricks.


Recently, Bigcommerce has teamed with eBay to provide Bigcommerce merchants a way to simply & efficiently list their products and administer their inventory on the eBay marketplace. As a result, BigCommerce customers will have an access & spotlight to eBay’s huge global buyer base including more than 162 million users. However, eBay buyers will also have the advantage from additional choices and selections.

As per BigCommerce CEO Brent Bellm: “It’s never been more important for business owners to manage and sell across multiple channels, and this partnership allows our customers to take advantage of a thriving marketplace that will bring them new customers and turn that discovery into revenue.”

As per eBay’s Head of North America Hal Lawton: “eBay’s strategy and our business model is firmly grounded in the foundation of making sure we have the best choice in selection for all our buyers across all markets.” He further added, “To continue to deliver on that, it’s very much grounded in continuing to acquire small-to-medium-sized businesses that bring that unique differentiated inventory at great bargains to our site.”


1. Smooth Inventory Management

The online sellers can smoothly sync stock levels and eBay orders with their online store, which supports streamlined execution and order management, and there is no need to go for any manual managing process across diverse channels.

2. Rapid Mass Listing and Central Management

After this integration, the merchants are allowed to rapidly create bulk eBay listings by means of customizable templates, and they can save their costly time through automatic product mapping to eBay categories.

3. Sync Amount, Cost, and Descriptions to Target More Buyers

One of another major advantage to Merchants from this integration is that they can easily sell their inventory in front of global buyers through eBay’s Global Shipping Program. We at Envision Ecommerce always keep an eye on such partnerships & their benefits to online merchants, and we do have the capability to do Omnichannel listings and get you more business.


With the goal to support store admin to effortlessly import or export product reviews & star ratings, though a CSV file, Envision Commerce has launched new WooCommerce Plugin – WooCommerce Product Reviews Export/Import Plugin. The plugin is one of the most effective tools to make the review & rating management process simple & less tiring for a store admin.

The most important benefit of this WooCommerce plugin is that it allows WooCommerce store owner to customize the reviews & star ratings given by original customers. The plugin also allows you to add your own custom product reviews and star rating

WooCommerce Product Reviews Export/Import Plugin is a wise choice for store admin to attract more visitors by displaying positive product reviews & ratings. Good reviews & ratings help in good product buying and promote a good image of products among customers. A CSV file used in import/export can also be kept as a hard-copy backup for future usage or others like database failure, migration to other eCommerce platforms, updating an existing version of WooCommerce store, etc…

It is easy-to-install & customize this WooCommerce plugin. All you need is just to complete installation & the configuration process for your WooCommerce store and check how easy to manage this plugin. It is definitely one of the best WooCommerce plugins you should try.

Force Signup Customer Pro Magento Extension – Launched & Available!

We at Envision Ecommerce release our next Magento extension “Force Signup Customer Pro” for Magento store owners to force their users to first login/register before viewing any part of their Magento store.

The extension benefits a Magento store admin with a ton of features. These features include:

1. Enable/Disable option for forgot password
2. Disable option to hide entire store from guest users
3. Disable option to hide product catalog pages from guest users
4. Disable option to hide CMS pages from visitors
5. Disable navigation option
6. Disable Signup/login by displaying a custom message

Now, a store admin only requires to decide on their restricted pages or whole store for limiting user access.

Force Signup Customer Pro Magento extension is one of our best eCommerce products of Envision Ecommerce, which is developed to make a Magento store more secure by limiting access to only trustworthy users.

If you are also thinking to extend your existing Magento store limitations by forcing users to first login/register before accessing any part of the store, our Magento extension can help you get that at an affordable rate. So, go ahead and check out this Magento extension in our product store today!


With an aim to boost your products credibility, we at Envision Ecommerce are happy to announce the release of our newMagento 2 extension – “Advance Product Magnifier Extension”. The extension allows your visitors to magnify the product images by simply zooming into the images with just mouseover. Now, the customers can inspect your products more closely. Thus, it helps in increasing your products credibility among your store visitors and also supports visitors to make a quick decision about buying the product.


Advance Product Magnifier Magento 2 Extension is also best suited to provide an image slider functionality to display multiple images for the same product under the main product image box. Not only it is easy-to-customize but also very user-friendly & allows store admin to set up custom height & width of the zooming box.

Having installed this extension, a store owner can get more business out of their existing Magento store.  To know more about the features of this Magento 2 extension (or other Magento extensions), you can connect with us & avail the information how it goes.