Google 2016 Update – Was it Worth to Wait for Penguin 4.0?

A long awaited penguin 4.0 update is rolling out now!

The wait is now over, the long awaited (for almost 2 years) Penguin update is finally rolling out! Google recently (23rd of September) confirms that a Penguin 4.0 update is now running in real time within the core search algorithm.

It seems that September month has been a month of fluctuations for the SERPs. Here is a graph from MozCast:



As per these graphs, most of the local SEOs observed a major fluctuation around September 1st, when the temperature (as shown in the image above) was at its peak value, i.e. 108 degree. It was officially recognized by the name of “Possum Update” and MozCast observed an overall drop in local pack presence in their own data set on that day. MozCast also noticed a massive drop in SERPs (13-14 September) with image results on the first page in their own data set, which further caused a significant volatility, because the image results achieve an organic rank and so those SERPs acquired an additional organic result on the first page. MozCast noticed a temperature of 111 degrees Fahrenheit on that day.

As Google states it:

“With this change, Penguin’s data is refreshed in real time, so changes will be visible much faster, typically taking effect shortly after we recrawl and reindex a page.”

Moreover, it is also confirmed that Penguin is not only sitewide but has also become more page-specific.

As per Google – “Penguin is now more granular. Penguin now devalues spam by adjusting ranking based on spam signals, rather than affecting the ranking of the whole site.”

Moreover, this Penguin update is just rolling out and it is not fully live till now – according to Google. Thus, there is no confirmation whether a website would see any changes rapidly or not. There is a good news about this real-time penguin update that you don’t have to wait any longer (as compared to a wait of previous two years) for a major Penguin refresh.

Growth for Online Baby Care Products in India

You would be amazed to know that baby care products contribute towards a million-dollar online market.

Baby care products market is valued at $58.43 billion in 2015 and is projected to reach $102.31 million by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2015 to 2022.” – As per the global market report from Statistics MRC.

In this million-dollar baby care products market, India plays the most significant role. India is the 2nd most populous country in the world after China. However, India comes first, while comparing its children population with China. India contains 20% of child (in-between 0 to 4 years) population of the globe. It is projected that there are around 27 million live births in India, which means the country solely contributes 20% towards total live births in the entire world. And, no one can expect that these numbers would go down easily for a long upcoming time. It is apparent that India is emerging as a major player in the world’s baby care product market.

On the other hand, the rising literacy, changing lifestyle of parents, growing disposable incomes, the rising numbers of nuclear families, better informed parents, growth in women entrepreneurs, rising awareness of baby products, the rapidly growing rate of online baby care product stores – are other major factors strongly contributing towards the the growth of baby care products in India.

Baby care products like the baby blanket, pillow, crib bedding sets, etc., are available online on multiple baby stores. The parents need to choose these products with utmost care, as they may be crafted from pure quality fabric or other material which may harm baby’s delicate skin. With a rising parent literacy and awareness of toxic baby product material, the parents are now becoming more conscious of their baby’s health & development and ready to spend more on high-quality baby care products.

It is projected that Indian Baby care product market will continue to expand its horizon with a growth rate of 13.66% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) over the upcoming years. India’s major E-retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry, Babyoye, Babyoodles and Snapdeal are leading in this baby care product market in India by offering quality baby products. The Indian market, therefore, offers a great chance to the players in this online baby space. It’s a good opportunity to be in the baby product industry!


Google Allo – 10 Reasons to Pick Up Google Allo Instead of WhatsApp

Let’s get straight down to the nitty-gritty world of WhatsApp Vs Google’s new smart messaging app – “Google Allo”. It seems that Google is surely successful in both stealing its spotlight & cracking the winning formula running behind WhatsApp. Google has created an incomparable all-in-one messaging app – Google Allo which is equipped with a bunch of ‘SMART FEATURES’. It allows you to do more than just chatting compared to WhatsApp. This WhatsApp killing app will certainly be your next Instant messaging hub.

Here are Ten Good Reasons Forcing You to Pick up Google Allo Instead of WhatsApp:

Smart Reply Suggestions in Tune with Your Style

The app is coupled with a ‘Smart Reply’ feature which captures a user’s replying pattern and then offers relevant reply suggestion to the user. A user just needs to choose and click on those predefined contextual suggestions and can respond without even typing a single word. This feature is a magic of Artificial Intelligence. It is mainly helpful in saving a user’s time.


Incognito Chat Mode – No More Worry about Privacy

Allo comes with selective end-to-end encrypted chats. It means you can chat with a selected contact in its Incognito chat mode. This encrypted chat history will get automatically cleaned once your conversation gets over.


Built-in Google Assistant – Jack of All Trades

Here comes Allo’s built-in Google Assistant which is the jack of all Google trades. A user can chat with this Google’s virtual assistant in a separate thread. You can also summon it in any other on-going conversation by just typing “@google” and it fetches the richness all things Google-related such as

  • Google Now to set alarm, reminders & timers
  • Google Photos to show photos
  • Gmail to show you your emails
  • Google News to show all latest local & international news, sports news, cricket news & live scores.
  • Google translate to interpret text or images
  • Weather status to predict all about weather
  • Google search to search the web for you
  • Random fun, jokes, random fact, etc
  • Allows to chat, quiz or a doodle game, send stickers
  • Google maps to share location in your on-going conversation
  • YouTube and so on.


Now, you don’t need to jump out of the app to search for anything on search engines.

Font Size Formatting via Whisper & Shout Buttons

WhatsApp only allows you to bold, strikethrough or italicize your text. However, Allo also allows you to increase or decrease the size of text via sliding the send button up & down.

Timer Setting Option to Auto-Delete Messages

It’s time setting option to delete chat messages automatically. A user can set a chat expiration period for 5 seconds to maximum one week. And, once the chat expiration period gets finished, the chat history or messages will also get disappear.

Context Answers about Any Image Coming Your Way

Allo is too smart to provide intelligent suggestions related to the content of the image or photo. For example, if your friend sends you a photo of his pet, you may get intelligent reply suggestions like “awe-cute” or “I love pets.”


Annotate Images with Text or Simply Doodle

It allows to annotate an image with text similar to Snapchat-esque feature or you can simply doodle something on it.


A Very Cool UI Compared to WhatsApp

It is pretty amazing and fun to use its colorful fonts and icons. It’s cool user interface, giving this app an edge over WhatsApp.

More Advanced Stickers

Google Allo contains pretty cool stickers as compared to WhatsApp’s only smileys.


A Pure Google Creation:

As you all know, WhatsApp is now an official property of Facebook, but Allo is purely a Google’s own creation. It doesn’t contain video calling or direct phone calling options yet, as the main aim of Allo is to encourage users to take advantages of other Google apps such as Duo & Hangouts.

Although WhatsApp is currently a king among Instant messaging apps. But, there is a high possibility that WhatsApp users will fall in love with Allo’s smart features and this app will become a leader among all standard chatting platforms. What’s your viewpoint? Share your suggestions in the comment section below!

Revolution has Begun. Envision Ecommerce First Magento 2 Extension is Live on Magento Marketplace!

Envision Ecommerce is pleased to announce that our first Magento 2 extensionRequest for Price” is now live on Magento Marketplace. Magento Marketplace is a next-generation marketplace, offering unique business solutions, a curated collection of e-commerce products, tools, and a platform to Magento merchants to thrive their existing business.

Request for Price extension is a perfect solution for Magento 2 sites where products need a superior tactic to win more sales. The extension encourages your customers to make interaction with you through a complete HTML capable customized text on your product page like email, contact number, WhatsApp and many others. This is the way, the store owners can better serve the customers and offer an opportunity to do online bargains just like shopping offline. It facilitates a real-time and hassle-free ask for product price without the need of any external form. Most important, the product has passed the quality approval process of Core Magento Team which makes sure that it is safe to use for your store.

A Few Features of Our Recently Published Extension:

  • Now, store owners can receive instant price inquiries when customers request for a product price.
  • The customers can interact store owners to negotiate product price via contact number, email address, and WhatsApp.
  • It is easy to enable and disable this extension from the admin panel.
  • As the extension is fully HTML capable, it encourages more customer interaction & engagement.
  • And, many other features you can check here –

Envision Ecommerce is dedicated to Produce more quality Product in near future. We are coming up with more extensions that will help user in checkout flow and improve user shopping experience.

Fashion HTML & PSD Theme for Multiple Ecommerce Platforms

Envision Ecommerce presents you this FREE HTML & PSD theme for your eCommerce store. The theme works for every type of business no matter what type of business you run on what kind of eCommerce platform. Features include a rearrangeable product detail page, home page, product category page, sidebar filtering, a fully responsive design and many other standard features. Not only do we offer this bootstrap theme at free of cost, but also offer you a complete flexibility to customize it as per your business requirements. Ideal theme for Fashion start-ups, boutiques, craftsmen & artisans!


  • Rearrangeable home page with a prominent navigation


  • Customizable product detail page


  •  Product category page


  • Sidebar filtering to filter products by color, size, and brand


  •  Impressive cart view


  •  Compatible with multiple eCommerce platforms.

  •  Easy to customize and built by using Bootstrap

  • Follows W3C Code standard

  • Coupled with updated jQuery library

  • A fully responsive HTML & PSD theme with a clean and minimalist design


  •  Sliding banners, a featured product section, a blog section & much more


HTML Food Theme for Magento 2

Envision Ecommerce has designed this wonderful food theme for any online supermarket or food shop running on Magento 2.0. This HTML food theme is packed full of features such as custom 404 page, impressive shopping cart page, category page, one-step checkout page design, customizable home page, product detail page, a fully responsive design, sidebar filtering, Bootstrap based theme – the features to flexible style your food store are endless!


  • A simple & effective custom 404 page


  • Impressive shopping cart page


  • Category pages with sidebar filters


  • One-step checkout page design


  • Easy-to-Customize home page


  • A Special area to showcase free shipping, gift cards, and reward points


  • Flat tiles across the homepage to highlight the best deals, bestsellers, etc…


  • Product detail page with a related product showcase area


  • Bootstrap based theme & much more

How to Cut-Down Shopping Cart Abandonment From Your Online Store?

Today shopping cart abandonment becomes an uncontrollable factor for many retailers. It seems that most of the shoppers invading the checkout process only to close their browser before making a purchase. By keeping this thing in mind, we have created this article to help business owners to make a user-friendly site and cut-down shopping cart abandonment from their online store.

According to the research, it is predicted that where customers abandon their cart they don’t want to visit again to the particular store. So you should focus your efforts on the development of the checkout process to eliminate the distractions during the customers’ final purchase.

Read on to learn what you really need to consider reducing shopping cart abandonment from your e-commerce site.

No Need For Upfront Registration

Most of the online retailers requiring their customers to create an account to accomplish their first purchase. Yes, it is important for businesses to accumulate information about their users, but many customers, discourage to register a new user ID just for making a purchase. OK, we tell you why it happens and how customers usually see the registration. Read to know;

  • Shoppers may be worried to share their personal details, especially to online stores with whom they don’t have a trusted relationship yet.
  • Probably they come to your store with huge expectations created from last experiences.
  • Sometimes customers have a number of ID/passwords which makes them hesitate to create a new one more.

So try to keep the registration optional and allow your users to checkout as a guest, if you don’t, then many of  your shoppers will look elsewhere to make a purchase. You should also let your customers know how many steps your checkout process actually has, for better customer response. (We always prefer to use One Step Checkout form.)

Remove Lunacy on Checkout Area

Let your shoppers concentrate only on completing the purchase during the checkout process. Because “Lunacy” like, “Asking your customers to sign up for email newsletters” or “Reminding them to “Like” your page on Facebook” can distract your customers from committing the final step. So make sure all these distractions should not be presented on your Shopping Cart page. Amazon is one of the good examples of “closed checkout”, as they ensure that once their customer is ready to shop they concentrate only on that task for higher customer satisfaction.

Descriptions Must be Included on Form Field Labels

As per the numerous usability testing (including mobile e-commerce usability), most of the shoppers not able to understand the label for the required field which automatically causes to shopping cart abandonment. 92 percent of more than a hundred biggest e-commerce stores in the US have one or more “inadequate” form field descriptions in their checkout area.

If customers don’t understand the label, then included additional description can help. So add the description of form fields to remove shopping cart abandonment.

There are some common ways to include descriptions on form field labels:

  • Inline descriptions – It’s a kind of description which is permanently visible to your shoppers, you can place it under each field with light gray color or another color as per the design, and make sure it should be short and very brief.
  • Tooltips – This type of description allows you to put “learn more” icon which is highly effective for those products that you want to explain in details.
  • Dynamic descriptions – A good example of such type of description is “Twitter”. Disappearing the written text while typing in a specific field or appearing next to the field.

 Meanwhile, there are many common convicts available which can surely cause confusion, for example;

  • Numeric dates – Different date format has used by Europe and North America (DD-MM-YY vs MM-DD-YY)
  • Monetary amount – Different accounting style vary in different countries. As they can add decimal- and thousand-separators, which takes multiple shapes (a dot, a comma, or space)
  • Password – Display the minimum or a maximum number of characters, numbers, etc. required in a password.
  • Phone number – Also need to include a country code, spaces or dashes etc.
  • Credit card number – Surprisingly, most of the e-commerce stores will reject the credit card number if spaces are included.
  • Address line 1 and 2 – Major question is does my house number and floor belong in address line 1 or 2? Clearly, display that what address line 1 and 2 should contain. Never expect that your customers are expert in your industry, they may not know what “Issuing bank” or “Product SKU” means.

Contextual Words Need Clarification

Contextual words like “Continue”, “Proceed”, or “Next” are mysterious and likely to confuse shoppers. It completely relies on the customer’s mind, a button “Continue” placed in a shopping cart could mean one of two things, such as continue shopping (Stated that, if the shopper also wants to find a shirt to go with selected denim) or continue to checkout (If the shopper has purchased all the required products and just wants to pay. The reaction is fully depends on the customer’s state of mind which may lead to confusion.)

So the best solution is; avoid using contextual words in your links and buttons. You should use words that don’t create mislead, like “Check out now” and “Shop more.”

Use Auto-detect Tool

Many shoppers don’t like to fill form fields or they often misspell things like their state or city, which leads to the wrong delivery. So it’s better to use an auto-detect tool which displays a city and state immediately after providing a ZIP code. When you are implementing the auto-detection in your site be careful of the following:

  • Sometimes a single ZIP code is applicable to multiple cities, in that case, you should add the relevant city suggestions to the city field so that shoppers can pick the correct one.
  • If your customers have already filled a ZIP code in an earlier step, then automatically pre-fill the particular code in the current step.
  • Make sure never skip the state or city field from your form and it should be pre-filled with the right data after the ZIP code has been provided.
  • Let your shoppers to manually change the data you’ve chosen, if they want.

Provide Error Notifications

There’s nothing could be more annoying than not being able to shop and not being able to figure out why. So error indications should be presented in your online store to allow your potential customers to know what they need to do to complete their purchase. Make sure your error messages are in direct language and clear as well. You can increase the error text’s visibility by using red or highlighted yellow text on a page. Also, try to display the error message directly above or next to the particular item(s) that needs to be corrected.

Total Cost of Customer’s Purchase

Try to provide shipping or tax cost earlier rather than later. Because many shoppers hesitate to continue their shopping with a site where they are not cleared with the shipment cost of their selected item. The report shows that many customers would surely abandon the site if they are not  given to the final cost of their purchase before submitting their credit card detail.

Build Trust and Credibility

Have you ever tried to create a trust factor at the point of action? No, Right? But, you will surprise to hear that the absence of the wages of trust on the cart page can also push your shoppers to close the browser without making any purchase. So think about it and bring an extra clarity towards the security of products, privacy policies, etc. to influence your buyer to make a decision. You can take the following points as examples;

Take the “Shipping Details”: Give the estimated product’s delivery time and date to the shopper.

Add Reassurances: Another thing that can be done at the cart page is including reassurances near the last checkout button.

Provide a Secure payment service: Most of the people choose to buy from those stores who provide secure payment options like PayPal, Credit card, Debit card, COD, etc. However, these payment options give customers a peace of mind. And, also shows that customers’ all the credit card details are highly secured.

Now you are well informed of the symptoms of Shopping Cart Abandonment. So treat it as an opportunity to make a good and long-lasting relationship with your potential shoppers. Convincing each cart abandoner to complete the checkout process is not an easy task, but resolving the issues with best practices can surely optimize your site’s checkout process.

Hope you find this post useful!

Thank-you 🙂

Online Space for Nutritional Products in India

Growing health consciousness & changing lifestyles, combined with improved incomes & standards of living, fueled the growth of nutritional products (or we can say – “Nutraceutical Market”) in India. And, these products mainly cover protein supplements, multivitamins protein supplements, vitamin & minerals supplements, ayurvedic & herbals, weight loss supplements, etc. These nutra-products offer outstanding values of nutrition to the human body and keep the body healthy & strong.

India’s nutraceutical market is generating revenue at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 17% and it is projected to grow over two-folds to US$ 6.1 billion by 2020 from the current level of US$ 2.8 billion – according to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) and RNCOS. In fact, it is under its most auspicious stage & budding speedily at double digit rates year-over-year in the country, as per the market reports.

Online nutrition market is booming with the growth of e-Commerce and nutraceutical industries. There are a few segments within nutraceuticals such as sports nutrition, where the target customer is younger, is growing faster than other segments because the younger population has higher online penetration rates. This consistently rising demand from the sports industry is also a major driver which is helping Nutraceutical industry in taking up space online.

Given that nutraceuticals require a tremendous amount of customer education, content and mobile will play a large role in growing this category online. Growing health awareness in the country and increasing per capita incomes will all lead to growth in the industry.

Adding further from the Frost & Sullivan analysis, there was only about 15% of Nutraceutical’s penetration in the India. However, on a global basis, this market generated around US$168 billion in terms of revenue in 2013 where India had a 2% (approx.) demand share and receiving near around $2 billion. With a continuous growth of 17.1% in its compound annual growth rate (CAGR), the Indian market is projected to touch an amount of $4 billion by the year of 2018. After reviewing the previous 1-2 years, the functional beverages have appeared as the firmest rising category for the Indian market, by way of businesses escalating their portfolio in this field. And, this category is projected to rise at a CAGR of 21.7% by the year of 2018.

With the rise of diabetic and pre-diabetic patients in India, the space for nutritional product sales is very promising. The lifestyle that the Indian mass follows will cause an estimated 67 million diabetic patients plus 30 million in a pre-diabetic condition. These are the main consumers for the future Nutritional Market. The growing prescription of these nutritional supplements by physicians or medical doctor is also encouraging the market for long-standing sustainability.

And, this is a good news for the players who are already in this business of offering healthy & quality nutritional products to their consumers that promise to be the best solution for youth, health, and strength. The success and long-standing sustainability of a nutritional product based business in Indian Nutraceutical Market is reliant on their original, safe and quality products.

How To Venture Into eCommerce Sector?

The flavor of the month of 2016 is undoubtedly eCommerce. According to the Industry body’s recent report, Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMRB, Indian eCommerce sector is expected to twice the INR 2,11,005 crore by December. In fact, it also states that 57% of development in e-tailing was driven by mobile phones and its accessories.

However, these facts and figures indicate that any person who wants to begin his/her entrepreneurial journey, e-commerce industry would be the wisest choice for budding entrepreneurs. But before dealing with it, make sure you perform it in the right way.

So here we have compiled a few tips for startups that help them in starting up their e-business in the right manner.

Address people’s need instead of creating

While embarking into e-commerce sector, it is quite essential for entrepreneurs consider the need of the people. You can address your potential customer’s requirements with the help of your startup. If you will build a need and then recognize it, you will for sure fail to beat the consumer as well as business demand.

Offer services in unique nature

Products and services are a complete failure in today’s time. Most of the customers are seeking for unique services and products that fulfill their needs. So, make sure you are offering the different service and products as well from the competitors to your customers for more sales and ROI.

Don’t rely only on your passion

Most of the entrepreneurs start their business and focus on things, they are passionate about it. Though sometimes passion is over-rated and with time it gets changed. So, it is okay to be passionate, but starting an e-commerce business just because you are passionate about it, is not completely right.

Experts highly recommend that one should remember that he/she has to chase his/her vision but not the money. And it can happen only if he/she has a certain set of skills in the particular domain in which he/she is interested.

Behind the success; ‘Happy Customers’

Though this is the last, but not the least tip. The real reason behind any successful startup is happy customers. So you need to focus your efforts to make your customers happy to ensure that they will come again to your store, whenever they plan for their next purchase. And you can do this by providing them incredibly high-quality products and services, which cater to their needs.

Hope above-mentioned tips help you to start your e-commerce business in a better way and offer you a desirable and successful entrepreneurial ride. For further inquiries, you can contact Envision Ecommerce. As a team of expert will help you take the best decision for your new e-business and even, also help you in creating a unique e-commerce store to complete the online traffic.

Make Your Ecommerce Business Stand Out from the crowd,,!!

Today the internet has turned individuals into shrewd online shoppers. So, every online retailer should be an exaggerated version of themselves, especially when they’re in front of their potential audience. Because we believe that making an e-commerce business stand out throughout competitors is not as simple as it sounds. But don’t worry, here we have hand picked some phenomenal quirks, tendencies, and eccentricities that help you build a powerful brand strategy and get your e-commerce business noticed.

Let’s start reading….

Offer Cutting-edge Products

New and better products on your online store will automatically stand out your business from the crowd. If you’ve abundance of the same items in your store as everyone else, then price is the only way to compete and differentiate yourself from competitors. In fact, this technique will quickly turn into a race to the bottom.

As an online retailer, you should keep your close eye on each emerging technology and expansion, so that you can create buzz and excitement for your e-commerce business. Plus, innovation, development of own custom products and improvements to existing ones can allow your business to stay on top of e-commerce trends and dominate the particular market for long.

Your competitors can anytime jump on the trend you are dealing with, so never rely on manufacturers to furnish your online store with new opportunities, just think beyond, adapt the changes constantly and come up with your own product lists.

Raise Your Brand Name

Sometimes, your store is not able to compete on price, product as well as shipping. In that case, you should ensure that your voice is something that others can’t copy. If they create a duplicate business in every other regard, your brand name remains your own and unique.

Just look at the ways and highlight the different aspects of your business. For instance; Do you sell customized or hand made  products? Is your e-commerce business customer-friendly? Do you offer high-quality products as compared to your competitors? Is your persona quirky in some way? Have you considered to bring humor to a market that’s filled with seriousness or vice versa? Have you planned to use custom packaging?

These are the strategies that can be easily imitated, although there are also some that can’t be emulated. So, be careful and analyze the difference and always ready to adapt the change when your new or unique selling proposition is no longer uncommon.

Benefits of Third-party channels

Valuable marketing tools are another great way to stand out your business in the online market. But always keep in mind that showing up the value of your business on other people’s platforms will help you with your SEO as well as with your credibility.

Not only this, you can take advantage of third-party channels by delivering value adding content to your potential audiences. However, this strategy will improve your online profile and increase new clients in the process.

If you want to get featured on new sites and industry blogs, then try to respond to Help a Reporter Out (HARO) queries. But make sure never forget to use badges to showcase the notable publishers on your site that have described your business.

Evidence-Based Practices

Credibility indicator is a social proof which encourages new website customers to place an order with you. If you find that your visitors browsing your site for a while, but not making a buying decision, means there’s a little social proof that can be upsetting them.

So below we shared some good examples to leverage social proof on your website.

Celeb endorsement: You can highlight those products that celebrities enjoy using or wearing to push your visitors to hit ‘Add-to-Cart’ Button.

Testimonials: Your website’s ‘Testimonial Page’ should offer a balanced perspective like good and bad customers’ reviews for your new and future clients, although give them a sense of security.

User-generated content: If possible, ask your visitors to share pictures of themselves using or wearing your item to increase the number of sales.

Implement “Like” or “Favorite” button: Let your audience to “like” or “favorite” products without purchasing them. Then, show the total specific number in your product lists to encourage the future customers.

Charitable Partnership Can Be Powerful

Most of the audience believe that they are doing good for the world, even with their online shopping. So, create a standout customer experience with a charitable cause and show viewers that you, the owner of the brand/store, are donating a portion of your revenue to feel them better about your business as well as with their shopping.

Business partner or any new partner can cause you personally, so be careful with your choice. When you are looking for an organization or charity to tie up with, just explore wisely and find a good fit that helps you in marketing and PR standpoint, plus support you in increasing media exposure.

Therefore, these are some essential ways that help your online business stand out. Just work on displaying your business’s unique personality instead of toning it down. Always consider points that make you fascinating about e-commerce sites, use it in your website and marketing to earn the customers for life.