Envision Ecommerce Recognized Among Top 20 Most Promising Ecommerce Consultants 2017 by Silicon India

Envision Ecommerce is proud to announce its selection amongst Silicon India’s top 20 most promising Ecommerce constant companies list for offering optimal & innovative eCommerce products and services. The February edition of Silicon India centered on “Ecommerce Consultants Special” showcases this list, which is selected by a panel of experts and members of the Silicon India’s editorial board to identify road-rollers amongst the eCommerce consultants.

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We’ve achieved this position based on an evaluation of Envision Ecommerce’s expertise in Ecommerce consultancy, Ecommerce product development and services. Our team of creative “Envisionaries”, our innovative products and cutting-edge services are responsible for making our mark in this budding ecommerce segment, thus making us stand among the top-notch ecommerce players of the realm.

Main Highlights of Envision Ecommerce Covered in Silicon India

Catering Diverse Services to Customers

It includes our eCommerce portal development services using platforms like Magento 1, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and other Custom Ecommerce Solutions; Hybrid technology based app development; Digital Marketing; SMO; graphic designing, Nodejs, Angularjs and Laravel based solutions.

Our Team of Creative ‘Envisionaries’

Silicon India also covered about our creative team of ‘Envisionaries’ consisting of Magento certified professionals (who is working on Magento 1, Magento 2 extensions development, Magento Enterprise App development and Magento Mobile Solutions), Hybrid app development team (using both Ionic 1 & Ionic 2), Certified Digital Marketers and experienced graphic designers.

Our In-House Google Analytics and Adwords Certified Professionals

In this publication, our CEO ‘Mr. Sunil Thakral’ also highlighted about our In-house Google Analytics and Adwords Certified professionals.

Catering to Diverse Industries

They also covered the diverse range of industries we’ve catered so far, including Healthcare, Online Learning, Ecommerce, Media (News) and MCommerce.

MageIonic & ParkSafe Mobile Apps

MageIonic (our first-ever Magento Ionic App) & ParkSafe (our latest innovation for parking hassles) are also introduced in Silicon India. MageIonic is an exclusive hybrid app, especially designed to mobilize Magento stores.  ParkSafe mobile app is our latest innovation to help vehicle owners to easily get out of congested parking space.

   Parksafe & MageIonic logo screens

Note: Our innovative hybrid mobile apps make us the best team in our town for hybrid ionic app development. That’s why we have introduced our new independent division, i.e. Envisionionic.

Envision’s Path Ahead and Much More

Our selection wouldn’t have been possible without our two main persons: “Mr. Sunil Thakral” – CEO of Envision Ecommerce and “Mr. Vikrant Shukla” – Chief Mentor of Envision Ecommerce. They envisioned Envision Ecommerce, believed in Envisionaries and groomed every Envisionary to have such an eventful journey. And what about the way ahead? Well, we can’t predict the future, but we believe we’ll do awesome by producing more innovative ecommerce solutions.

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Envision Launches Its Independent Mobile App Development Entity – EnvisionIonic

Envision Ecommerce has been designing and developing feature-rich mobile apps since last two years. Within this 2 years of journey, we have developed & deployed lots of mobile apps (15+) till date across all the categories like M-Commerce, M-Learning, News, Social Media, Healthcare, Travel and IoT. Not only we develop Android and iOS platform based apps, but also offer Ionic framework based mobile apps using Ionic 1 and Ionic 2. We have already developed some ready-to-use Ionic framework based apps like Ionic Gym App, MageIonic App (First-ever Magento Ionic App), Institute App, Quick News App, Parksafe and much more.

This accelerated growth of our mobile app development forced us to create a separate and independent mobile app development entity. As a result, today we are delighted to announce our new subsidiary, i.e. EnvisionIonic. It is our independent online platform specially designed to strongly showcase our solitary expertise in mobile app development.

With a robust team of 15+ experienced mobile app developers, who have 8 years of expertise in developing mobile apps on Android & iOS, we can easily bring your mobile venture to life. It is our great pleasure to launch such an independent portal for mobile app-centered consumers. Looking forward to consider how EnvisionIonic grows over the years ahead.

Visit EnvisionIonic.com today and let us know your mobile app requirements!

How to set Magento 2 File and Folder Permissions

Owner of the Magento file system should be able to read/write/execute all files and folders.

The web server user must have write access to the following files and directories: var app/etc pub

We recommend setting the permissions as follows:

>> All directories have 770 permissions.

770 permissions give full control (that is, read/write/execute) to the owner and to the group and no permissions to anyone else.

>> All files have 660 permissions.

660 permissions mean the owner and the group can read and write but other users have no permissions.

You should set as bellow recommended.

find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;   // 644 permission for files
find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;                        // 755 permission for directory 
find ./var -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;                // 777 permission for var folder    
find ./pub/media -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;
find ./pub/static -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;
chmod 777 ./app/etc
chmod 644 ./app/etc/*.xml

If you still have any query regarding this “How to” or would like to add some suggestions to this solution, let us know your feedback or query at [email protected], and don’t forget to share this “How to” blog with your fellow Magento 2 users!

Envision Ecommerce Announces Its Groundbreaking Innovative App: ParkSafe

At Envision Ecommerce, we are passionate about our vision to bring innovative ideas and products to life. Every day Envisionaries are striving to break the limits of our own imaginations by using modern technology. After couple of months of secrecy, our ParkSafe app is finally launched.

ParkSafe Splash Screen

As the name of this app emulates, this app is all about helping you contact wrongly parked vehicle owner via a cutting edge “Isolated Contact Bridge” technology which ensures damage free passage of your vehicle from blocked parking.

ParkSafe Parking Alert

The app instantly delivers a way for vehicle owners to connect with each other in case of wrongly parked vehicles without revealing their personal information to either parties via our innovative “Isolated Contact Bridge” technology. Thus, you can easily find out a vehicle owner who parked his or her vehicle nearby your vehicle that made you unable to get your vehicle out of parking space.

SignUp/ Registration

ParkSafe Registration


ParkSafe Member Login

Member Profile

ParkSafe Member Profile

Add Vehicle/ Parking Alerts

ParkSafe Add Vehicle/ Parking Alerts

Add Vehicle

ParkSafe Add Vehicle

Member Profile Section

ParkSafe Member Profile Secion

The app works on QR code and unique code technology to detect vehicle owner and also features a chat functionality to contact that vehicle owner. Now, you don’t need to wait for the vehicle owner to come back whose vehicle has blocked your driveway. Plus, you don’t need to ram a vehicle parked over your driveway in the parking space. Moreover, you can make your own vehicle safe from getting bumped, scratched or even damaged in a crowded parking space. It is also very valuable for lone female drivers. With all these benefits, ParkSafe can change the paradigm of future of the parking, especially in a country like India whereon an average 2 lac cars are added per month.


Currently, it is available to download from Google Play Store and in approval phase of Apple App Store.

google play badge Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge

Never happy to rest on our laurels, Envision Ecommerce is stepping up to invent and innovate more & more, along with enhanced existing technologies & products to stay ahead of the markets we serve. Also, we are curious to see how the community reacts to this app. So let us know your feedback, suggestions or tips at [email protected]

Hope you find this blog packed with great innovation and a beneficial read!

Announcing one stop solution for Content And Video Sharing Entrepreneurs

After announcing about our very recent launch of IonicPress App, now we are thrilled to announce our another new discovery i.e. Video and Content Sharing portal. This portal is built on the most elegant as well as expressive web framework, which is known as Laravel. It facilitates video-oriented enterprises to set up their own video website and help their video-based business to generate more ROI.

Content And Video Sharing Entrepreneurs

Not only this, the video portal has very simplistic, interactive, and clean functionality, by default, which makes easier for registered users to create, share, discover and support videos. In regard to management, only two types of users can manage all the functions of a video-portal; First is an Artist and the second is User.

An Artist can showcase their creations, by creating & uploading videos, by setting different price tags, by managing all subscriptions to approve or cancel, view invoices and payments. On the other side, Users can view all the Artists’ creations, subscribe any Artist’s playlist, access this video portal’s community page, rate a video, write comments, like a video, follow a video, support a video, donate Money to Artists via a Donation section and more.

Main Highlights of Video and Content Sharing Portal:

Social Login

Video and Content Sharing Social login

You can automatically get registered on this video portal, once you login to the video portal via your Facebook account or Google account.

Social Sharing

Video and Content Sharing Portal Social Sharing

Let you share videos, images or documents on social websites, for example; Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Video and Content Sharing Portal Social Sharing Follower Supporters

If you are registered on the video portal, you can either become followers or supporters. For the supporter, you need to buy subscription plans, so that you can view and share all paid content like videos, images, and documents, and For the Follower, you don’t need to purchase any subscription plans, all free content is accessible.


Now, we are looking forward to taking this innovative creation to new heights in the upcoming months and years. Just stay tuned with us for more updates on this Video and Content Sharing Portal!

Disastrous WordPress Rest API Bug – Inhibit Your WP Site from Being Hacked

Last month, WordPress patched three security issues out of four, covering a SQL injection vulnerability in WP-Query, the Press (for assigning taxonomy terms) and a cross-site scripting (XSS). The fourth and most disastrous security flaw that resided in WordPress REST API was disclosed with a delay of one week after its release. This delayed disclosure of vulnerability allowed several remote unauthorized hackers to modify the content of any page or post inside an unpatched WordPress site with the versions 4.7 and 4.7.1.

Reason for Delay:

Sucuri was working with the WordPress security team under that week to install the patch so that the security flaw was dealt with in short order before getting publicly disclosed.

As per the WordPress core contributor “Aaron Campbell” – “We believe transparency is in the public’s best interest. It is our stance that security issues should always be disclosed. In this case, we intentionally delayed disclosing this issue by one week to ensure the safety of millions of additional WordPress sites.”

“Data from all four WAFs and WordPress hosts showed no indication that the vulnerability had been exploited in the wild. As a result, we made the decision to delay disclosure of this particular issue to give time for automatic updates to run and ensure as many users as possible were protected before the issue was made public.”

Disastrous WordPress Rest API Bug, Its Impacts and Results:

This security flaw has been rated as the most disastrous flaw and is now being actively exploited, even though the fix has automatically been deployed on millions of WP installations in the few hours once after the security patch was released. Hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites are seeing defacement with messages such as “Hacked by NG689Skw” or “Hacked by w4l3XzY3” or similar to these. You can also Google to know more about these specific hacks results that display thousands of other hacked sites.

Solution to Inhibit Your WP Site from Being Hacked:

Therefore, all the WordPress admins who have their websites running 4.7.0 or 4.7.1 or not yet updated to 4.7.2, you are strongly recommended to update your CMS to 4.7.2 to avoid the risk of any content injection. If your site has already been defaced, simply update to the up-to-date version of WordPress and rollback your defaced posts to a review.

To know more about this vulnerability, you can head on the wptavern.com (https://wptavern.com/wordpress-rest-api-vulnerability-is-being-actively-exploited-hundreds-of-thousands-of-sites-defaced) or the official blog post of Sucuri (https://blog.sucuri.net/2017/02/content-injection-vulnerability-wordpress-rest-api.html).

Announcing IonicPress App: Convert Your WordPress Site into an App!

Without further ado, we at Envision Ecommerce introduce yet another Hybrid Mobile App and this time it is for WordPress. The app comes with Ionic Source code and the plugin (WordPress App Connector) that will link your WordPress site to the mobile app. We will create a new app and submit an app to Google and IOS app stores with your own Branding and logo.

IonicPress gives an opportunity to WordPress site owners to convert any of their WordPress sites into an app in an easy way. This app works fluently well on both platforms, i.e. Android and iOS.

Salient Features of IonicPress App;


Social Sharing


Encourage app users to share content or new updates on social media sites from mobile devices with one click.

Platform Support

It guarantees to work well on world’s most popular mobile platforms, i.e. iOS and Android platforms.

Push Notifications


Send manual or automatic Push Notifications to the app users, as per the requirements. Work smoothly on iOs and Andriod.



Allow app users to Make Comments on Mobile with a single click.

Support WordPress Elements


IonicPress supports all major WordPress elements such as blog posts, pages, custom fields, categories, tags, and more.

Flexible and Intuitive Backend

The best feature that IonicPress offers is its flexible and intuitive backend that allows website owners to easily manage their entire mobilized store.


What Next

The app will be beefed up with more features in future

Admob to be implemented

More themes and templates to choose from

Ability to also have Video Posts


Get in touch with Envision Ecommerce to get your own WordPress Ionic App.

For live demo: Click here

Live on Ionic Marketplace: Click here

MageIonic – Magento Mobile App for Magento Stores

The soaring eminence of Magento continues to dominate this contemporary eCommerce landscape. It has been an empowering platform for more than 250,000 eCommerce stores across the globe. Being rich in groundbreaking features such as an extremely modular architecture, security, enormous built-in eCommerce relevant features, operational optimization and vast scale functionality, Magento seems like a game changer in the area of eCommerce.

According to a research by SimilarTech, Magento is acquiring a steady traction across the top millions of sites online today. Here is a graph that shows the fastest-growing platforms in the eCommerce space for 2016 in tune with their adoption rate.


Image credit: similartech.com

Although the Magento ground is shifting in the eCommerce industry. Magento-based online stores after riding a victory wave via websites are now shifting towards Magento mobile eCommerce. More than 60% of transactions belong to M-Commerce (via smartphones and tablets) in the U.S.  Considering globally, M-Commerce makes up 35% of retails and eCommerce transactions.

Some studies and researches suggest that 80% of users are available on their mobile devices to shop online. These mobile users are adding more fuel to the development of Magento eCommerce mobile apps. And that’s icing on the cake for Magento store owners in terms of low mobile app development cost and high sales volume. Thereby, considering all these things, Envision Ecommerce is out with its first-ever Magento Ionic App: the MageIonic app which helps Magento store owners to bring their stores live on mobile.

Here is a comparative exploration topping the exclusive features offered by Envision Ecommerce’s MageIonic- Magento Mobile app vs third party apps:

MageIonic is a wise and cost-effective solution for Magento store owners to bring their fully-functional stores live on mobile. It enables store owners to connect with customers on their mobiles. Thus, Magento store owners can have an opportunity to boost store sales & customer loyalty via mobilized Magento Store.

Key Features of MageIonic- Magento Mobile App:

Hybrid Mobile App

It is built using hybrid technology and gives customers an unparalleled user interactivity across all platforms & devices like Android phone, tablet or laptop.

Platform Support

MageIonic works smoothly with world’s two most popular mobile platforms:

                                                                             Andriod & iOS


Push Notification

This app features a push notification feature that allows merchants to send urgent notices or alerts to their customers.


Most Secured Payment Gateways


With the facility of most secured payment gateways in this app, merchants can make the payment transaction process easier, safe and smooth for your customers.

Real Time Data Synchronization

This feature allows Magento store owners to maintain an unbroken connectivity between their stores and customers.

A Room for Customizations

Every Magento store owner has different requirements such as a set of products, design, theme color and overall store look. Thus, this app comes with a great room for customization to match the needs, conformability and app interface demanded by a merchant. Merchants can easily customize this app in tune with ever-changing needs of their customers.

In-App Social Logins


MageIonic comes with In-App social logins that enable customers to connect with an online store via social networks like Google and Facebook.

Flexible and Intuitive Backend

The best feature that MageIonic- Magento Mobile App offers is its flexible and intuitive backend that allows merchants to easily manage their entire mobilized store.

Enhanced Product Showcasing

This feature allows merchants to display products in more enhanced ways via this mobile app.

Thus, Magento store owners can shape fortunes for their Magento stores via our exclusive mobile app as their own. You can avail MageIonic – Magento Mobile App here at Envision Ecommerce store within your budget along with standard quality assurance.