Is Hiring Magento Developers Remotely a Good Decision?

In today’s digital world, online shopping is becoming the popular choice of users as they prefer to buy products to be delivered at their doorstep. That’s why most of the sellers are planning to upgrade themselves to be a digital console to reach out to these users. These business owners are going towards eCommerce store development to make their stuff available online for their users.  Thus, eCommerce web development has turned out to be a profitable industry nowadays. Plus, the Magento platform is a much-preferred platform to develop eCommerce stores in this industry. Yes, this is true indeed! Every third popular and floating online store is backed up by Magento platform because of its rich feature benefits.

So, if you’re looking for Magento developers for your existing Magento project, you may be limiting yourself to only confined options by searching in your local area. Thus, it is better to search for certified Magento website developers remotely in different locations across the globe. There are dozens of benefits of hiring remote Magento developers or just outsourcing your Magento tasks or project – ranging from cost savings benefits to avail the diverse expertise under one roof.

Extending Your In-House Magento Team Can Be Expensive

If your business begins to expand or you acquire multiple Magento based projects, you need to expand your existing in-house Magento team. This is going to be truly costly as you will have to pay them a salary, infrastructure, office supplies, and other benefits. However, even if you afford such extension, after a couple of months when there is very less Magento based work in your company, what next? Would you fire them? That’s an absolute job uncertainty and you will not able to find good developers to work with you if they recognize they will be fired or have to leave their present job after a couple of months. That’s why hiring Magento developers remotely a good decision in such a situation.

On the other hand, you may require Magento developers with a specific skill set and experience based on some special projects you get and where your existing in-house coder can’t fit perfectly.  This is where hiring certified Magento developers from a reliable Magento development company can match your needs. In addition, it also provides you with full flexibility to allocate the project on the onetime cost basis or a couple of months cost basis. In both ways, it helps you in saving a big chunk of your money as you will have to pay an hourly basis on the per expertise work on the project. Also, there is no need to worry about the remote developers when the project is completed.

Upholding a Balance between Quality and Cost

Every company that hires Magento developers remotely, the biggest motive for them is to save costs. But, it doesn’t mean hiring a low-cost beginner from any third-rate firm who will ruin your development project. Hiring Magento professionals remotely allows you to access a wider pool of talented and expert developers available across the world. As the total cost of hiring is low, such programmers will demand less payment with no compromise on the quality than hiring a permanent in-house developer. Thus, if you’re serious about maintaining a balance between quality and cost, then outsourcing a professional Magento website development company is the best option.

Diminished Workforce Expenses:

As the offshore workforce is inexpensive, it will help you to cut on your overall Magento development service cost. In this way, you can afford the development process with less investment and leverage the benefits of big profit share and outrank your competitors by providing striking pricing and discount offers. These diminished workforce expenses will help you to utilize your spare money into marketing and acquiring more buyers.

As we all know, the Magento platform’s features are just exceptional and Magento development is leading the present Industry, this makes the demand of Magento certified professionals high. If you want to avail the business benefits of both profitability and pricing at the same time, you must consider hiring Magento developers remotely.

Enhance Your eCommerce Business by Business Intelligence and Financial Analytics in the Age of Cloud Accounting

Driving accounting software companies are moving their clients from the standard and more robust work area frameworks for more simplifies and financially good cloud-based general record systems. The shift seems to be driven by the expectation that singular industries will create supporting accounting software and applications intended to meet their industry’s particular financial reporting needs. But IT resources in the e-commerce business area have been so consumed with meeting the industry’ other explosive technology needs that little appetite or limit exists to address the accounting needs of e-commerce organizations.

Even though cloud-based systems are expensive, they offer clients more straightforward access to their information and the most efficient techniques for importing and processing data. In any case, these systems are being built somewhat because one comprehensive record system fits all. Thus, they have less flexibility to meet every particular industry’s unique financial reporting needs. By and by, cloud-based systems offer accounting software companies the opportunity for expanded income and more reasonable operating costs, guaranteeing that the cloud is the future and the business world needs to adapt.

Rising demand for business intelligence

Notwithstanding the transition from the client’s desktop to the cloud, providers of accounting systems are likewise confronting generating demand for real-time business knowledge. Operators in all industries, including e-commerce, rapidly understand that in today’s world, they need budgetary examination readily available to stay competitive. These clients are demanding accounting solutions that can likewise give them real-time business intelligence and monetarily stable, problem-solving analytics tools.

The vast extent of knowledge and specialization required to fulfill these needs for unending various businesses lies beyond the span of even the most prominent accounting software organizations. These organizations have responded by urging third parties to develop applications and partner software to satisfy every particular industry’s needs. The vast majority of the name-brand accounting systems have constructed their app stores to encourage the introduction and adoption of these systems by their clients.

Everything must be actionable plus on-time

The times of utilizing accounting systems to create monthly income statements with results accessible fifteen to thirty days after the finish of every month are or should be, a relic of past — especially in the expansive universe of e-commerce where product deals costs can change by the second because of dynamic repricing. Overall gross revenues can fluctuate fiercely dependent on destination and sales channel selling expenses.

The action is quick and furious and requires sellers who hope to remain alive; substantially less thrive, to approach real-time information on their edges and gross benefit for every individual request on each sales channel. Real-time financial analysis and business intelligence are currently an obvious need to help e-commerce managers with daily data-driven decision making.

Time to grow with the times 

The hurdle for e-commerce is to move beyond the data access and cumbersome accounting processes utilized by the pioneers of web retailing that are unfortunately very recognizable to numerous readers:

  • Information siloed in various platforms and configurations
  • Day by day changes in money conversion rates
  • Payment statements for orders riding two different months
  • Incalculable spreadsheets requiring importing, trading, lookups and interminable reordering

These techniques regularly result in the client pushing heaps of data for individual orders or groups of orders into general accounting systems offering financial reports of limited value to the particular needs of e-commerce administrators and void of real-time business intelligence or analytics tools. Visit Envision Ecommerce today and let us know how we can help you to enhance your eCommerce business’ operating outcomes.

Proven Tips to Enhance Your Magento Store Performance

Magento is one of the leading open-source e-commerce platforms. The vast majority of the retailers build a great e-commerce website utilizing super features of the Magento store, features like adaptable shopping cart system, content management technology, and SEO optimization to grow their online business.

Follow these tips below on how to accelerate Magento and keep it sprinting to ensure return shoppers and sales.

1. Latest Version

Always check for the latest updates update your Magento to the latest version if any update is available. Updates consistently turn out with some new features, improved performance, and bug fixes. Always backup your data before running any update. Launch updates on your website during the night hours or minimal traffic on your website, to forestall any technical glitch or confusion. Updating is essential to maintaining your store.

2. Caching Magento

The Magento caching helps with increasing the performance of an average Magento store, explore to the System > Cache Management, select the required things, set “Enable” from the Action dropdown, and afterward hit “Submit” button.
The preferred cache setting for great results is APC + Varnish + NGINX + Memcache.

3. Enabling flat catalog

Magento utilizes the EAV model to save data of customers and products. Enabling the flat catalog for products and categories merges product data into one table, thus improving performance by responding to MySQL queries quicker. If your Magento eCommerce store has more than 1000 products, this can be beneficial.

4. Content delivery network

Computing a content delivery network (CDN) with Magento is perhaps the most effortless approach to seeing decreased load times. It will ensure you are serving your assets (JavaScript, CSS, images) from numerous areas around the world, so they are delivered faster to your customers.

5. Update Anti-Virus

For all conceivable security measures, you should consistently keep your antivirus updated. This way, hackers can be prevented from spreading the virus to your site and hacking it.

6. Optimize Images and videos

Media elements are crucial to the success of any online store. Thus utilizing excellent images and videos is an incredible method of adding visually satisfying elements to your store. Using the optimum size of an image is fundamental for a frictionless performance. Massive images affect the performance of a site, particularly the pages that are densely loaded with pictures.

Utilizing a CDN to serve the images is a practical methodology. This permits the loading of images from a secondary server and prevents excessive load on your server during page loading.

7. Disable the Unused

You will find that your Magento site’s security and speed are undermined when many features are running alongside. Yes, you would prefer not to harm your website. In such cases, you have to disable whatever features are added to your site; however, you are currently not being utilized. This will upgrade the performance and speed of your website.

8. Use Powerful Hosting Plans

Choosing a fast and reliable web host can be one of the most significant decisions you make when attempting to improve Magento’s performance. We suggest avoiding cheap shared hosting as they will, in general, overcrowd their servers, and you will wind up sharing resources between many individuals who can severely dampen the functionality of your resource-heavy Magento store. When you have an enormous inventory of products, phenomenal resources, and an amazing store, out of which you can earn millions, why not put in a few more bucks to get a good hosting plan.

There are many ways to improve the performance of your Magento Store ranging from implementing caching to CDN, enabling flat catalog to image optimization. However, having a good web host is also imperative. These afore-shared simple yet valuable tips make certain that your Magento based store will generate profit, reputation and solid customer base. However, if you are still confused, you can get help from our Magneto Experts.

We at Envision Ecommerce have a squad of professional Magento Certified Developers to assist you with Magento Speed Optimization services or you can directly contact us at [email protected]