Apple’s Interesting Move to Swift as Open Source

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  • December 7, 2015

Last week – December 3, 2015Apple, the world’s most valuable company has announced a significant move for its Swift programming language, i.e., Swift has now open sourced under the Apache License. It means all of the source code, encompassing the new package manager’s code, will be accessible to edit & compile & also the programs can now be produced without including attribution. The broader programming community can contribute to this new open-sourced Swift features & optimizations, and assist in carrying Swift to new computing platforms.

Swift is a safe, compiled and intuitive programming language that allows developers to produce the next generation of cutting-edge software. It is not only easy to learn and but also user friendly, even if you’ve never done coding prior to Swift’s coding, you can use this expressive and enjoyable programming language to produce something incredible.

To download the Swift source code along with other essential technical documentation & community resources, Apple has also revealed the website, and also the popular code repository GitHub for sharing the Swift open source code. The new open sourced version of Swift also features Linux binaries and a command line tool for running programs in opposition to files and folders. The code is accessible today, and you can make it compile anywhere on any platform. So, the new open-sourced Swift seems an exciting and open move for the businesses.