New Launch! Advanced Layered Navigation Extension for Magento 2

Continuing our momentum towards the effective releases of Magento 2 extensions, today we are announcing our next launch of Advanced Layered Navigation Extension for Magento 2. This extension helps your customers to easily navigate to their desired products available at your store.

Backed by multiple filters and some handy widgets, this Magento 2 extension directs your customers to find the products they look for. Besides having flexible back end settings, it is also integrated with Ajax loading technology product filtering process of your online store. Not only it will positively affect your customers’ shopping experience at your store, but it will also enhance your store’s search engine ranking.

This expertly coded, easy-to-use and feature-rich extension is packed with a comprehensive list of features that will enhance your store’s product search system. These features include:

             ●  Otimized price sliders and widgets

             ●  Custom filters like Stock filter, Rating filter and more

             ●  Shop by brand option

             ●  Highly configurable product tree

             ●  A facility to create short custom URLs

             ●  Flexible backend settings

             ●  Mobile friendly interface and much more

To know more about our Advanced Layered Navigation Extension for Magento 2, visit our store here at Envision Store. If you have any query regarding this new launch or need any kind of assistance, our Magento Certified Developers are ready to lend a helping hand to you.

Stay tuned for the next big release of Envision Ecommerce’s exclusive Magento 2 extension!

One Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension – Rolled Out and Available!

Today again we have come up with a new dazzling eCommerce product launch “One Step Checkout” – a second to none all-in-one tool for store owners to optimize and simplify their complex checkout process. It is a Magento 2 extension that helps store owners to cut down multiple checkout steps to only one step. Thus, it reduces the hassle of superfluous back and forth checkout motions for customers. Not only it improves customers’ online shopping experience, but also results in lower cart abandonment rate and hence it boosts the conversion rate of an online store.

One Step Checkout extension is Outfitted with the Following Features:

• Easy to enable/disable via backend

Easy to Manage Backend

• Allows customers to do commenting during checkout

Comment Section for Customers

• Offers coupon code option during checkout

Coupon Code Option During Checkout

• Allows to customize its checkout page title

Customize Checkout Page Title

• Optimized & simplified one step checkout page

one step checkout page

• Default payment & shipping method setting options

Default Payment & Shipping Method

• Features a Google address validator

Google address validator

• Out-of-the-box compatibility with almost 100% payment & shipping methods

• 50% faster checkout process compared to Magento’s default checkout

• Compatibility with all Latest Magento 2 versions & much more.

Reduce checkout time up to 75%! Increase Sales and Revenue!

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Envision’s New Launch: Advance Request a Quote Magento2 Extension

Envision Ecommerce is happy to announce its new release of Advance Request a Quote Magento 2 Extension. This extension enables Magento store owners to give a facility to their customers to generate a request a quote for the product for further discount.

The extension is built with some powerful and user-friendly features like bargaining feature, which makes customers’ shopping experience peerless. Plus, it also facilitates admin to approve or disapprove the proposal (requested quote) or encourage their customers to buy products at negotiable prices.

The Main Highlights of this Extension are:

– Allow customers to request a quote for more than one product at one go.

– Allow customers to request a quote through the front-end, which is available for the customers only.

– Support different type of product list

– Allow admin to easily track the incoming quote requests.

– Send email notifications to both store owners and customers for their relevant quote request.

– Allow customers to check-out from the account and re-quote the request, if the proposal has been accepted by the admin.


These are the some key features of our latest Magento 2 extension. Now update your e-commerce store with Advance Request a Quote Magento 2 Extension to make the ordering process faster and accessible.

At Envision Ecommerce, our entire team of certified developers continually focuses their efforts on introducing some useful extensions, plugins, etc. to make online buying and selling process easier and smoother for both seller and shopper. So always, stay tuned with us!

Get your extension here:

Easter Sale is Now Live at Our Revamped Envision Store. Get 30% OFF Storewide!

Envision Ecommerce store has been revamped. The store is upgraded to Magento 2 (the platform of the future) and with great new UI.

While the store’s functionality remains largely the same, we have just upgraded it to Magento 2 and redesigned with fresh layouts for a much cleaner look for our customers. Our store now showcases all that we do which was missing in our earlier store layout. We tried our best to improvise existing store structure to match with customers’ touch points. We are sure, you are going to love it.

Envision Revamped store

Another notable update we expect you love is – “Easter 30% OFF Storewide”. In the spirit of upcoming Easter, you can avail the benefit of this 30% discounts on any of our products (Magento extensions, Magento 2 extensions, WooCommerce Plugins, Hybrid Mobile apps, etc.) & other services.

Meet our new revamped store and let us know if you have more suggestions and feedback. We enjoy making your shopping experience more pleasant and smooth! We’re glad to welcome you at our revamped store:

Envision Launches Multiple Magento 2 Extensions At Once

Envision Ecommerce is focused on gaining momentum towards the launching process of Magento 2 extensions (this year) more strongly than last year. That’s why as per January 5th we are pleased to introduce a bundle of four new Magento 2 extensions. These extensions include:

  • Quick Comment on Checkout
  • Advance Product Sale Countdown
  • Quick Product Question and Answers
  • Advance Auto Suggest Search

Quick Comment on Checkout extension is specially designed for customers so that they can quickly leave comments at the point of checkout. This functionality was not a part of Magento 2 by default. This is the reason we bring such functionality for Magento 2 website admin via this extension. Not only it is easy-to-use and easy-to-install, but also works smoothly with Magento 2 order management workflow.

Key Features of Quick Comment on Checkout Extension:

  • Customers can quickly do order comment during checkout.
  • Allows store admin to view order comments on the order detail page in the admin panel.
  • Allows end users to view order comments on order detail page.
  • And much more…

Advance Product Sale Countdown extension is launched to help store owners to set a price countdown timer for specific products. It provides store owners a chance to attract more visitors towards their products and boost sales.

Key Features of Advance Product Sale Countdown:

  • It works like an eye-catching solution for customers as store owners can easily display a self-timer set for some specific product prices.
  • Store owners can display this countdown (in the form of days/hours/minutes) feature on both product catalog and product detail pages.
  • It allows store owners to display special deals or offers on product prices with end times.
  • It is compatible with multi-store configurations.
  • And much more…

Advance Auto Suggest Search extension is specially designed for the ease of customers to easily find out what they’re looking for. It allows customers to search products by typing relevant text in the search box. The search box then displays most relevant search suggestions along with savvy autocomplete functionality. Thus, it allows customers to buy a desired product right from those search suggestions.

Some Key Features of Advance Auto Suggest Search Extension:

  • It is a time-saving formula for customers as they can quickly get relevant product search suggestions to make a purchase for the desired product.
  • It is easy to customize this extension for its autocomplete search functionality.
  • Store owners can easily set an autocomplete search delay and optimize server loads.
  • It also allows customers to view search results on the basis of product price, name and relevance.
  • And much more…

Quick Product Question and Answers extension is useful for customers to ask questions about a product before buying it. It enables store owners to answer those questions though the store admin panel. Technically, it is a Magento 2 extension that originates a two-way communication between possible customers and store owners. It gives store owners an opportunity to convert those questioners into buyers by honestly answering to their questions.

Key Features of Quick Product Question and Answers:

  • It allows customers to view or read previous customers’ questions and admin’s answers regarding the same product they’re going to buy.
  • It allows store owners and customers to receive email alerts regarding questions and answers.
  • It facilitates a two-way communication between store owners and customers regarding a particular product.
  • And much more…

All these extensions are already under Magento Review and will be available on Magento Market place soon. Launching more eCommerce products geared towards customer & store admin benefits is our major motive for this year. To know more about our upcoming eCommerce products, stay connected with us!

Envision Ecommerce Announcing a New Extension for Magento 2! Add to Cart by SKU

We are in the last week of the year, so it is crucial for us, especially for online businesses to have a secure, fast website that can manage massive web traffic without going offline or slowing down the site’s speed. So as an online retailer — you should take the advantage of these holidays by preparing your e-commerce website with ultimately new features, extensions, plugins, etc. that help you make 2016 your most fulfilling and prosperous year yet.

That is why, today we at Envision Ecommerce are extremely excited to announce our new extension named ‘Add to Cart by SKU’ which allows Magento 2 merchants to easily showcase ‘Quick Order’ block on any page of their e-commerce site such as CMS page, Product Category page, etc. Plus, also allow them to place or display ‘Quick Order’ form in any position/sidebar like Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar as well.

Add to Cart by SKU extension is mainly designed to beat Rush-Hour traffic and speed up the ordering process. With this extension, shoppers can quickly search and add products to their shopping cart by entering product SKU and a quantity in ‘Quick Order’ block. Despite that, there are many more useful features adhered with Add to Cart by SKU extension. So read on to learn;

The main highlights of ‘Add to Cart by SKU’ Extension are;

• Allows store owner to display or place ‘Quick Order’ block on any page of their e-commerce site (like CMS page, Product Category page, etc.) and in any position/sidebar (like Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar)

• Allows customer to quickly search and add products to their shopping cart via product SKU, without browsing each product category page.

• Displays search suggestions and auto-completes product SKU based on customers’ typed text into ‘Product SKU’ field.

• In case customer enters a product SKU of a configurable product into ‘Product SKU’ field, it will display a message like “Please select options for this product”.

These are the key features of our latest Magento 2 extension. Now update your e-commerce store with Add to Cart by SKU to make the ordering process faster and accessible.

At Envision Ecommerce, our entire team of certified developers continually focuses their efforts on introducing some useful extensions, plugins, etc. to make online buying and selling process easier and smoother for both seller and shopper. So always, stay tuned with us!

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Envision Gets Magento Marketplace Approval for Three More Magento 2 Extensions

For the past few days, we have been working behind the scenes on getting our new Magento 2 extensions approved at Magento Marketplace. Finally, we are pleased to announce that our revolution of Magento 2 Extensions’ approval on Magento Marketplace is gaining momentum. After approval of our very first Magento 2 extension Request for Price, our three more Magento 2 extensions are now live on Magento Marketplace.

Magento Marketplace is a next-generation marketplace, offering unique business solutions, a curated collection of e-commerce products, tools, and a platform for Magento merchants to thrive their existing business.

Our Magento 2 Extensions That Get Approval on Magento Marketplace:

We at Envision Ecommerce are spreading our wings as an originator of the revolutionary Magento 2 extensions. But it is only achievable at the hands of a team of certified Magento developers who is having ample experience in Magento and dedicated to producing more quality products in near future. We are continuing to deliver more Magento 2 extensions to follow this same momentum. So stay tuned to know more!

New Magento 2 Extension Launch – Advance Integrated blog

Envision Ecommerce is already working hard to produce countless updates for Magento store, Magento 2 store, WooCommerce store and more. We today come up with another extension which is for Magento 2 store named Advance Integrated blog.

Advance Integrated blog for Magento 2 is one of a kind extension in a market as it supports store owners to integrate blog section in their Magento 2 stores in mere minutes. This SEO friendly and fully compatible extension allows the store owner to manage everything related to the blog, including blog posts, categories, tags, blog widgets, permalinks, and much more on Magento 2 back-end with ease.

The main highlights of our Advanced Integrated Blog extension for Magento 2 include:
  • Support Multiple Store & Languages
  • Use SEO-friendly permalinks
  • Allow to import data from WordPress and from aheadWorks blog extension for Magento 1.
  • Integrated with Magento default XML Sitemap and RSS feed
  • Fully compatible
  • Allow customers to check the recent posts in the sidebar.

Further, the Advanced Integrated Blog Magento 2 extension does not only help store owners manage blog posts, but also helps them to increase the conversion rates of their e-commerce business. Isn’t it something very exciting? If yes, then go and update your Magento 2 store with this extension for your online business enrichment. You can buy Advance Integrated blog for Magento 2 at the pocket-friendly price at Envision Ecommerce.