Magento Launched the Mobile Optimization Initiative for Merchants

Just more than a month ago, Peter Sheldon, the Senior Director of Commerce Strategy at Magento, posted a news update that the Magento Community, led by technology partners PayPal and Hi Conversion, launched the Mobile Optimization Initiative to help bridge the mCommerce gap.

It was revealed that during the time of launch that the participating system integration partners have conducted over 250 experiments resulting in three million data points from merchants worldwide.

They found that every major retailer is facing the same problem, which is converting sales using mobile devices. Smartphones have become a primary source of online shopping for many customers. However, the ratio of mobile views to conversion is far higher, meaning not as many conversions, in comparison to desktop views. A more effective scheme of monetizing consumers should be adopted by retailers as they are heading towards the competitive holiday season.

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It is important that consumers have a memorable mobile experience throughout the process to ensure better consumer engagement. Consumers do not hesitate to leave the buying process if the payment process is just a little bit confusing. Therefore, the mobile checkout experience has become a sore point for all brands.

What can be done?

The Mobile Optimization Initiative is all about providing retailers a complementary mobile checkout funnel assessment, optimized campaign design and implementation, and professional services during the ongoing program. The initiative works with 15 system integrators providing professional services, including Web 2 Market, Red stage, Razoyo, Something Digital, Imagination Media, Wagento, ICUBE, JH, Gene, IWD Agency, and Lima Consulting Group. The program is expanding globally and has already been accepted by 60 merchants.

The Mobile Optimization Initiative provides support to merchants, which will help them capture some of the revenue that is being lost because of low mobile optimization.

A community is required to work on this issue as one company cannot solve the mCommerce gap alone. The Magento Community is one such community with a vibrant, collaborative, and dedicated group of individuals working towards improving the online buying experience for everyone. They have come together to solve this ongoing problem with the best magento ecommerce developers, system integrators, designers, and merchants.

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Doctor CRM – Deliver More Connected Care to Your Patients!

Note: To checkout the backend of the CRM, use following details,
username : [email protected]
password : 123456

In its quest to discover more innovative products, Envision Ecommerce adds another advanced feather in its cap with the roll out of “Doctor CRM”. Doctor CRM is a full-fledged customizable CRM incorporated with a mobile app. This CRM is specifically designed for the sole purpose of helping all types of physicians so that they can proactively manage their clinics in their own ways.

Doctor CRM solution comes with a variety of patient management features and a compelling mobile app to keep doctors and patients connected. Since the CRM is connected with a mobile app, it allows patients to connect with doctors via mobile app and doctors can easily manage this app through this CRM. While this solution is currently designed for pediatricians only, but we do offer customization services to make it a perfect fit for your unique clinical needs.

The Main Highlights of Our Doctor CRM Include:

A full access for doctors to all its backend modules

backend modules

A dashboard overview page to see an overview of all frequent records like total patients, total feedback, today’s appointment, vaccination availability, etc.

Dashboard Overview

A custom profile section for doctors toto add personal image and other details like short & long biography, educational background and qualifications along with upload documents facility.

custom profile section

All Parents” section to keep records of all parents’ details

All Parents” section to keep records of all parents’ details

All Childs” section to keep records of children’s details plus their all vaccination details like vaccination categories, vaccination list and pending vaccinations, etc.

All Childs” section to keep records of children’s details

Automatic Vaccination chart generation, according to specific child’s DOB (Date of Birth) and name.

Automatic Vaccination chart generation

Growth chart calculations of a child, according to age (in months) / weight (in Kg), in “Edit” child page.

Growth chart calculations of a child, according to age

Easy Searching and sorting of all records by any column.

Easy Searching and sorting of all records by any column.

Medication brand management.

Medication brand management

Appointment schedule calendar for doctors to see scheduled appointments and to schedule their availability for a specific appointment.

Appointment schedule calendar for doctors to see scheduled appointments

A record of unavailable vaccinations

A record of unavailable vaccinations

Blog management for doctors to provide health tips to patients.

Blog management for doctors to provide health tips to patients

Push notification feature to send notifications to parents on their mobile app.

Push notification feature to send notifications to parents on their mobile app

BMI calculator for doctors’ quick help to get child’s BMI (Body Mass Index) (whether a child’s weight is appropriate according to his/her height and age or not)

Automatic Vaccination Chart generation system & BMI Calculator strictly follow WHO standards.

Doctor CRM Mobile App

As you know our CRM solution is connected with a mobile app and this app is beneficial for parents. It helps parents to have electronic medical records of their children instead of saving bulky and messy paper files. The parents can use this app to:

Create their own profiles

Create their children’s profiles by adding all details like child’s image, name, Date of Birth, Age in Months, etc.

Book an appointment with doctor by choosing a suitable date, time and purpose of appointment, etc.

Keep a check of appointments under “My Appointments” section and cancel a pre-scheduled appointment.

View appointment history

Upload documents regarding doctor’s prescription after an appointment with a doctor.

Track all important information regarding vaccinations lists, vaccination done, etc.

Doctor CRM is a complete solution for doctors to manage all their patients in one place. No more paperwork, no paper-based medical records, i.e. a comprehensive paperless solution for doctors and patients. So what are you waiting for? Grab this CRM & app and get rid of your hectic clinical processes.

Just stay tuned for our next innovative product launch!


Easter Sale is Now Live at Our Revamped Envision Store. Get 30% OFF Storewide!

Envision Ecommerce store has been revamped. The store is upgraded to Magento 2 (the platform of the future) and with great new UI.

While the store’s functionality remains largely the same, we have just upgraded it to Magento 2 and redesigned with fresh layouts for a much cleaner look for our customers. Our store now showcases all that we do which was missing in our earlier store layout. We tried our best to improvise existing store structure to match with customers’ touch points. We are sure, you are going to love it.

Envision Revamped store

Another notable update we expect you love is – “Easter 30% OFF Storewide”. In the spirit of upcoming Easter, you can avail the benefit of this 30% discounts on any of our products (Magento extensions, Magento 2 extensions, WooCommerce Plugins, Hybrid Mobile apps, etc.) & other services.

Meet our new revamped store and let us know if you have more suggestions and feedback. We enjoy making your shopping experience more pleasant and smooth! We’re glad to welcome you at our revamped store:

Bring Your e-Store Live on Mobile for Free!

Before conjuring up your mind in writing the complex block of coding and spending hours in mobilizing your Magento store, you can have your own app without any need of coding skills. Yes, you can become an app owner and bring your Magento store live on your customers’ mobile devices with a zero level of mastery in coding and app development process.

Envision Ecommerce has done all heavy lifting for you: be it brainstorming about the best technology, platforms, payment gateways, real-time data synchronization and other aspects. The MageIonic app that effortlessly turns your Magento store into a feature-rich hybrid mobile app.

Zero level of mastery in coding! Yes, just add your business details and personalized business content and get ready to bring your Magento store live on mobile. The MageIonic app is a no coding mobile app building solution, specially designed to cater all yours as well as your customers’ requirements!

Have a look at the features, advantages and other important aspects of MageIonic

Easy Navigation

Easy Navigation

A user-friendly navigation allows customers to extract all the guessing work. That’s why MageIonic comes with an easy navigation for making your actions effortless.  For this your customers will grab:

Social Login;

Supports both Android & iOS platforms;

Ease of shopping.

90 Days Free Trial Period

90 Days Free Trial Period

MageIonic comes with 90 days free trial period so that you can mobilize your Magento store and you’ve nothing to lose at this starting point. You don’t have any need of developers, designers to build an app for you within your desired deadlines.

Enhanced Product Display for Marketing Purposes

Product Display for Marketing Purposes

The app is equipped with an outstanding feature that allows merchants to display products in more enhanced ways. That further ensures maximum attraction towards your products from your targeted audience.

White Labelled Ionic App, Highly Customizable and Instantly Ready

Highly Customizable and Instantly Ready

Another important fact of MageIonic is that it is a white-labeled mobile app and highly customizable. Once you enter your business details and personalized business content, it will get instantly ready for your Magento store.

Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics Tracking

MageIonic incorporates Google analytic tracking functionality so you can track each consumer’s activity and stores’ sale via the app.

Works for MultiStores

Works for MultiStores

If you are running your own Magento based online multistore, you can also mobilize your multistore with the convenience of a single app, i.e. MageIonic.

Other Beneficial Features

Real Time Data Synchronization

Flexible and intuitive backend

Most secured payment gateways

Delivers fast performance across every device for being hybrid


So, what are you waiting for? Avail this all in one solution to meet your business requirements and enjoy a 90 days trial period for free!

ParkSafe App Crosses 1000+ Downloads

We are thrilled to announce that our new innovation, i.e. ParkSafe app has hit the 1000+ downloads. So, we would like to thank each one of you for your valuable support and feedback. This would definitely not have been possible without you!

We are extremely happy to see that how people from Tricity are taking full advantage of our app to eliminate all their parking issues without fighting or hurting each other’s vehicles. Moreover, several media like FM radio stations, Newspapers, Magazine from Tricity have helped our app to reach such a comprehensive audience along with worthy outcomes!

To make your driving route even more hassle-free, we at Envision Ecommerce are continuously working on the app enhancements, although recently we have added some excited features like Real Time Traffic Alerts, Multiple Vehicles’ Registrations, Search Car Owner by Registration Number, and Mailing Temporary Tags just after registering vehicles. So stay tuned!

Thank you again for all your support! Yes, and don’t forget to share your story with us about how ParkSafe has helped you during your parking inconveniences. We would love to hear from you! Have a Safe and Happy Day 🙂

Successful Launch of ParkSafe App

We at Envision Ecommerce are in News again. Yes, indeed we are! But, this time we are highly honored and privileged to announce that our new, innovative parking app, i.e. ParkSafe has been officially launched by SSP Sh. Kuldip Singh (IPS), DSP Sh. Amroz Singh and SP Sh. Harbir Singh Atwal, Punjab Police at PCA Cricket Stadium, SAS Nagar, Mohali. Today, we held a press conference at PCA Stadium, aiming to aware vehicle owners and other citizens that they can now easily get out of congested parking space or other parking hazards along with the up-to-the-minute traffic flow information by using a ParkSafe mobile app.

parksafe logo screen

SSP Sh. Kuldip Singh (IPS) said that the app is exactly the type of asset that comes in handy. As, it supports the individuals to detect and connect with vehicle owner who has wrongly parked his/her vehicle nearby your vehicle and blocked your driveway via QR code/ ParkSafe Tag/ or Vehicle number.


The real beauty of the app is that all your public and private parking issues will be sorted out in real time, which often used to snowball into major, minor scuffles.

We at Envision Ecommerce, providing the app free to public in the Tricity. It can be downloaded through iTunes and Google Play by searching for ParkSafe.


For more info, click here

CSR initiatives undertaken by Envision Ecommerce

Envision Launches Its Independent Mobile App Development Entity – EnvisionIonic

Envision Ecommerce has been designing and developing feature-rich mobile apps since last two years. Within this 2 years of journey, we have developed & deployed lots of mobile apps (15+) till date across all the categories like M-Commerce, M-Learning, News, Social Media, Healthcare, Travel and IoT. Not only we develop Android and iOS platform based apps, but also offer Ionic framework based mobile apps using Ionic 1 and Ionic 2. We have already developed some ready-to-use Ionic framework based apps like Ionic Gym App, MageIonic App (First-ever Magento Ionic App), Institute App, Quick News App, Parksafe and much more.

This accelerated growth of our mobile app development forced us to create a separate and independent mobile app development entity. As a result, today we are delighted to announce our new subsidiary, i.e. EnvisionIonic. It is our independent online platform specially designed to strongly showcase our solitary expertise in mobile app development.

With a robust team of 15+ experienced mobile app developers, who have 8 years of expertise in developing mobile apps on Android & iOS, we can easily bring your mobile venture to life. It is our great pleasure to launch such an independent portal for mobile app-centered consumers. Looking forward to consider how EnvisionIonic grows over the years ahead.

Visit today and let us know your mobile app requirements!

Envision Ecommerce Announces Its Groundbreaking Innovative App: ParkSafe

At Envision Ecommerce, we are passionate about our vision to bring innovative ideas and products to life. Every day Envisionaries are striving to break the limits of our own imaginations by using modern technology. After couple of months of secrecy, our ParkSafe app is finally launched.

ParkSafe Splash Screen

As the name of this app emulates, this app is all about helping you contact wrongly parked vehicle owner via a cutting edge “Isolated Contact Bridge” technology which ensures damage free passage of your vehicle from blocked parking.

ParkSafe Parking Alert

The app instantly delivers a way for vehicle owners to connect with each other in case of wrongly parked vehicles without revealing their personal information to either parties via our innovative “Isolated Contact Bridge” technology. Thus, you can easily find out a vehicle owner who parked his or her vehicle nearby your vehicle that made you unable to get your vehicle out of parking space.

SignUp/ Registration

ParkSafe Registration


ParkSafe Member Login

Member Profile

ParkSafe Member Profile

Add Vehicle/ Parking Alerts

ParkSafe Add Vehicle/ Parking Alerts

Add Vehicle

ParkSafe Add Vehicle

Member Profile Section

ParkSafe Member Profile Secion

The app works on QR code and unique code technology to detect vehicle owner and also features a chat functionality to contact that vehicle owner. Now, you don’t need to wait for the vehicle owner to come back whose vehicle has blocked your driveway. Plus, you don’t need to ram a vehicle parked over your driveway in the parking space. Moreover, you can make your own vehicle safe from getting bumped, scratched or even damaged in a crowded parking space. It is also very valuable for lone female drivers. With all these benefits, ParkSafe can change the paradigm of future of the parking, especially in a country like India whereon an average 2 lac cars are added per month.


Currently, it is available to download from Google Play Store and in approval phase of Apple App Store.

google play badge Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge

Never happy to rest on our laurels, Envision Ecommerce is stepping up to invent and innovate more & more, along with enhanced existing technologies & products to stay ahead of the markets we serve. Also, we are curious to see how the community reacts to this app. So let us know your feedback, suggestions or tips at [email protected]

Hope you find this blog packed with great innovation and a beneficial read!

Announcing IonicPress App: Convert Your WordPress Site into an App!

Without further ado, we at Envision Ecommerce introduce yet another Hybrid Mobile App and this time it is for WordPress. The app comes with Ionic Source code and the plugin (WordPress App Connector) that will link your WordPress site to the mobile app. We will create a new app and submit an app to Google and IOS app stores with your own Branding and logo.

IonicPress gives an opportunity to WordPress site owners to convert any of their WordPress sites into an app in an easy way. This app works fluently well on both platforms, i.e. Android and iOS.

Salient Features of IonicPress App;


Social Sharing


Encourage app users to share content or new updates on social media sites from mobile devices with one click.

Platform Support

It guarantees to work well on world’s most popular mobile platforms, i.e. iOS and Android platforms.

Push Notifications


Send manual or automatic Push Notifications to the app users, as per the requirements. Work smoothly on iOs and Andriod.



Allow app users to Make Comments on Mobile with a single click.

Support WordPress Elements


IonicPress supports all major WordPress elements such as blog posts, pages, custom fields, categories, tags, and more.

Flexible and Intuitive Backend

The best feature that IonicPress offers is its flexible and intuitive backend that allows website owners to easily manage their entire mobilized store.


What Next

The app will be beefed up with more features in future

Admob to be implemented

More themes and templates to choose from

Ability to also have Video Posts


Get in touch with Envision Ecommerce to get your own WordPress Ionic App.

For live demo: Click here

Live on Ionic Marketplace: Click here

MageIonic – Magento Mobile App for Magento Stores

The soaring eminence of Magento continues to dominate this contemporary eCommerce landscape. It has been an empowering platform for more than 250,000 eCommerce stores across the globe. Being rich in groundbreaking features such as an extremely modular architecture, security, enormous built-in eCommerce relevant features, operational optimization and vast scale functionality, Magento seems like a game changer in the area of eCommerce.

According to a research by SimilarTech, Magento is acquiring a steady traction across the top millions of sites online today. Here is a graph that shows the fastest-growing platforms in the eCommerce space for 2016 in tune with their adoption rate.


Image credit:

Although the Magento ground is shifting in the eCommerce industry. Magento-based online stores after riding a victory wave via websites are now shifting towards Magento mobile eCommerce. More than 60% of transactions belong to M-Commerce (via smartphones and tablets) in the U.S.  Considering globally, M-Commerce makes up 35% of retails and eCommerce transactions.

Some studies and researches suggest that 80% of users are available on their mobile devices to shop online. These mobile users are adding more fuel to the development of Magento eCommerce mobile apps. And that’s icing on the cake for Magento store owners in terms of low mobile app development cost and high sales volume. Thereby, considering all these things, Envision Ecommerce is out with its first-ever Magento Ionic App: the MageIonic app which helps Magento store owners to bring their stores live on mobile.

Here is a comparative exploration topping the exclusive features offered by Envision Ecommerce’s MageIonic- Magento Mobile app vs third party apps:

MageIonic is a wise and cost-effective solution for Magento store owners to bring their fully-functional stores live on mobile. It enables store owners to connect with customers on their mobiles. Thus, Magento store owners can have an opportunity to boost store sales & customer loyalty via mobilized Magento Store.

Key Features of MageIonic- Magento Mobile App:

Hybrid Mobile App

It is built using hybrid technology and gives customers an unparalleled user interactivity across all platforms & devices like Android phone, tablet or laptop.

Platform Support

MageIonic works smoothly with world’s two most popular mobile platforms:

                                                                             Andriod & iOS


Push Notification

This app features a push notification feature that allows merchants to send urgent notices or alerts to their customers.


Most Secured Payment Gateways


With the facility of most secured payment gateways in this app, merchants can make the payment transaction process easier, safe and smooth for your customers.

Real Time Data Synchronization

This feature allows Magento store owners to maintain an unbroken connectivity between their stores and customers.

A Room for Customizations

Every Magento store owner has different requirements such as a set of products, design, theme color and overall store look. Thus, this app comes with a great room for customization to match the needs, conformability and app interface demanded by a merchant. Merchants can easily customize this app in tune with ever-changing needs of their customers.

In-App Social Logins


MageIonic comes with In-App social logins that enable customers to connect with an online store via social networks like Google and Facebook.

Flexible and Intuitive Backend

The best feature that MageIonic- Magento Mobile App offers is its flexible and intuitive backend that allows merchants to easily manage their entire mobilized store.

Enhanced Product Showcasing

This feature allows merchants to display products in more enhanced ways via this mobile app.

Thus, Magento store owners can shape fortunes for their Magento stores via our exclusive mobile app as their own. You can avail MageIonic – Magento Mobile App here at Envision Ecommerce store within your budget along with standard quality assurance.