ParkSafe App Crosses 1000+ Downloads

We are thrilled to announce that our new innovation, i.e. ParkSafe app has hit the 1000+ downloads. So, we would like to thank each one of you for your valuable support and feedback. This would definitely not have been possible without you!

We are extremely happy to see that how people from Tricity are taking full advantage of our app to eliminate all their parking issues without fighting or hurting each other’s vehicles. Moreover, several media like FM radio stations, Newspapers, Magazine from Tricity have helped our app to reach such a comprehensive audience along with worthy outcomes!

To make your driving route even more hassle-free, we at Envision Ecommerce are continuously working on the app enhancements, although recently we have added some excited features like Real Time Traffic Alerts, Multiple Vehicles’ Registrations, Search Car Owner by Registration Number, and Mailing Temporary Tags just after registering vehicles. So stay tuned!

Thank you again for all your support! Yes, and don’t forget to share your story with us about how ParkSafe has helped you during your parking inconveniences. We would love to hear from you! Have a Safe and Happy Day 🙂

Successful Launch of ParkSafe App

We at Envision Ecommerce are in News again. Yes, indeed we are! But, this time we are highly honored and privileged to announce that our new, innovative parking app, i.e. ParkSafe has been officially launched by SSP Sh. Kuldip Singh (IPS), DSP Sh. Amroz Singh and SP Sh. Harbir Singh Atwal, Punjab Police at PCA Cricket Stadium, SAS Nagar, Mohali. Today, we held a press conference at PCA Stadium, aiming to aware vehicle owners and other citizens that they can now easily get out of congested parking space or other parking hazards along with the up-to-the-minute traffic flow information by using a ParkSafe mobile app.

parksafe logo screen

SSP Sh. Kuldip Singh (IPS) said that the app is exactly the type of asset that comes in handy. As, it supports the individuals to detect and connect with vehicle owner who has wrongly parked his/her vehicle nearby your vehicle and blocked your driveway via QR code/ ParkSafe Tag/ or Vehicle number.


The real beauty of the app is that all your public and private parking issues will be sorted out in real time, which often used to snowball into major, minor scuffles.

We at Envision Ecommerce, providing the app free to public in the Tricity. It can be downloaded through iTunes and Google Play by searching for ParkSafe.


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CSR initiatives undertaken by Envision Ecommerce

Envision Ecommerce Recognized Among Top 20 Most Promising Ecommerce Consultants 2017 by Silicon India

Envision Ecommerce is proud to announce its selection amongst Silicon India’s top 20 most promising Ecommerce constant companies list for offering optimal & innovative eCommerce products and services. The February edition of Silicon India centered on “Ecommerce Consultants Special” showcases this list, which is selected by a panel of experts and members of the Silicon India’s editorial board to identify road-rollers amongst the eCommerce consultants.

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We’ve achieved this position based on an evaluation of Envision Ecommerce’s expertise in Ecommerce consultancy, Ecommerce product development and services. Our team of creative “Envisionaries”, our innovative products and cutting-edge services are responsible for making our mark in this budding ecommerce segment, thus making us stand among the top-notch ecommerce players of the realm.

Main Highlights of Envision Ecommerce Covered in Silicon India

Catering Diverse Services to Customers

It includes our eCommerce portal development services using platforms like Magento 1, Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and other Custom Ecommerce Solutions; Hybrid technology based app development; Digital Marketing; SMO; graphic designing, Nodejs, Angularjs and Laravel based solutions.

Our Team of Creative ‘Envisionaries’

Silicon India also covered about our creative team of ‘Envisionaries’ consisting of Magento certified professionals (who is working on Magento 1, Magento 2 extensions development, Magento Enterprise App development and Magento Mobile Solutions), Hybrid app development team (using both Ionic 1 & Ionic 2), Certified Digital Marketers and experienced graphic designers.

Our In-House Google Analytics and Adwords Certified Professionals

In this publication, our CEO ‘Mr. Sunil Thakral’ also highlighted about our In-house Google Analytics and Adwords Certified professionals.

Catering to Diverse Industries

They also covered the diverse range of industries we’ve catered so far, including Healthcare, Online Learning, Ecommerce, Media (News) and MCommerce.

MageIonic & ParkSafe Mobile Apps

MageIonic (our first-ever Magento Ionic App) & ParkSafe (our latest innovation for parking hassles) are also introduced in Silicon India. MageIonic is an exclusive hybrid app, especially designed to mobilize Magento stores.  ParkSafe mobile app is our latest innovation to help vehicle owners to easily get out of congested parking space.

   Parksafe & MageIonic logo screens

Note: Our innovative hybrid mobile apps make us the best team in our town for hybrid ionic app development. That’s why we have introduced our new independent division, i.e. Envisionionic.

Envision’s Path Ahead and Much More

Our selection wouldn’t have been possible without our two main persons: “Mr. Sunil Thakral” – CEO of Envision Ecommerce and “Mr. Vikrant Shukla” – Chief Mentor of Envision Ecommerce. They envisioned Envision Ecommerce, believed in Envisionaries and groomed every Envisionary to have such an eventful journey. And what about the way ahead? Well, we can’t predict the future, but we believe we’ll do awesome by producing more innovative ecommerce solutions.

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Envision Ecommerce Announces Its Groundbreaking Innovative App: ParkSafe

At Envision Ecommerce, we are passionate about our vision to bring innovative ideas and products to life. Every day Envisionaries are striving to break the limits of our own imaginations by using modern technology. After couple of months of secrecy, our ParkSafe app is finally launched.

ParkSafe Splash Screen

As the name of this app emulates, this app is all about helping you contact wrongly parked vehicle owner via a cutting edge “Isolated Contact Bridge” technology which ensures damage free passage of your vehicle from blocked parking.

ParkSafe Parking Alert

The app instantly delivers a way for vehicle owners to connect with each other in case of wrongly parked vehicles without revealing their personal information to either parties via our innovative “Isolated Contact Bridge” technology. Thus, you can easily find out a vehicle owner who parked his or her vehicle nearby your vehicle that made you unable to get your vehicle out of parking space.

SignUp/ Registration

ParkSafe Registration


ParkSafe Member Login

Member Profile

ParkSafe Member Profile

Add Vehicle/ Parking Alerts

ParkSafe Add Vehicle/ Parking Alerts

Add Vehicle

ParkSafe Add Vehicle

Member Profile Section

ParkSafe Member Profile Secion

The app works on QR code and unique code technology to detect vehicle owner and also features a chat functionality to contact that vehicle owner. Now, you don’t need to wait for the vehicle owner to come back whose vehicle has blocked your driveway. Plus, you don’t need to ram a vehicle parked over your driveway in the parking space. Moreover, you can make your own vehicle safe from getting bumped, scratched or even damaged in a crowded parking space. It is also very valuable for lone female drivers. With all these benefits, ParkSafe can change the paradigm of future of the parking, especially in a country like India whereon an average 2 lac cars are added per month.


Currently, it is available to download from Google Play Store and in approval phase of Apple App Store.

google play badge Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge

Never happy to rest on our laurels, Envision Ecommerce is stepping up to invent and innovate more & more, along with enhanced existing technologies & products to stay ahead of the markets we serve. Also, we are curious to see how the community reacts to this app. So let us know your feedback, suggestions or tips at [email protected]

Hope you find this blog packed with great innovation and a beneficial read!

Announcing one stop solution for Content And Video Sharing Entrepreneurs

After announcing about our very recent launch of IonicPress App, now we are thrilled to announce our another new discovery i.e. Video and Content Sharing portal. This portal is built on the most elegant as well as expressive web framework, which is known as Laravel. It facilitates video-oriented enterprises to set up their own video website and help their video-based business to generate more ROI.

Content And Video Sharing Entrepreneurs

Not only this, the video portal has very simplistic, interactive, and clean functionality, by default, which makes easier for registered users to create, share, discover and support videos. In regard to management, only two types of users can manage all the functions of a video-portal; First is an Artist and the second is User.

An Artist can showcase their creations, by creating & uploading videos, by setting different price tags, by managing all subscriptions to approve or cancel, view invoices and payments. On the other side, Users can view all the Artists’ creations, subscribe any Artist’s playlist, access this video portal’s community page, rate a video, write comments, like a video, follow a video, support a video, donate Money to Artists via a Donation section and more.

Main Highlights of Video and Content Sharing Portal:

Social Login

Video and Content Sharing Social login

You can automatically get registered on this video portal, once you login to the video portal via your Facebook account or Google account.

Social Sharing

Video and Content Sharing Portal Social Sharing

Let you share videos, images or documents on social websites, for example; Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Video and Content Sharing Portal Social Sharing Follower Supporters

If you are registered on the video portal, you can either become followers or supporters. For the supporter, you need to buy subscription plans, so that you can view and share all paid content like videos, images, and documents, and For the Follower, you don’t need to purchase any subscription plans, all free content is accessible.


Now, we are looking forward to taking this innovative creation to new heights in the upcoming months and years. Just stay tuned with us for more updates on this Video and Content Sharing Portal!

2016 Year Round Up of Envisionaries

2015 was a crawling & 2016 was a full walking year for us! And, now in 2017, we envision us as a runner in this eCommerce World!

After passing through this journey of 2 established years, Envision Ecommerce would like to showcase you everything from new products & services launch, core eCommerce portal development and team expansion to moving office.

However, in the lead up to the New Year 2017 it is a good opportunity to reflect on the previous years’ journey and give you a deep insight into what Envision Ecommerce is planning for 2017 and beyond.

More Powerful Management

In 2016, Mr. Sunil Thakral joined Envision Ecommerce as a new CEO. With an overall experience of over 15+ years, he is the first generation seasoned entrepreneur with his core expertise into business strategy, finance and start-up consultancy. Under the supervision of this successful entrepreneur, a new wave of entrepreneurial spirit is unfolding Envision Ecommerce each day more powerfully.

Moving Office

Relocating office is one of the most daunting tasks due to the hassle of settling down everything in a new office regarding finance, design, refurbishment, staff, layout, etc. But, we’re happy to say that we made this experience as smooth as possible for our employees and clients and now we’re in a new home, which is bigger, better & has advanced IT infrastructure for superior Enterprise Application development and deployment. In short, now we’re in a new home, which is the best fit for our purpose, with superior transport links and plenty of room to grow.


Our new office


This move is a clear indication that Envision Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing Ecommerce Consultancy in Chandigarh-Mohali region. Another big achievement is that now we have a global presence with our sales offices in Canada and France to meet worldwide needs.

Revamping Website / Online Presence

Envision Ecommerce has been established for over 2 years, and in that time we’ve updated our website three times. To remarkably stay vigilant for our online presence, we’re constantly face-lifting our website and updating our online look, products and services to deliver outstanding customer service.

In this year 2017, we will be launching our website’s new look, which will have a highly-focused online presence gearing towards to suit our audience’s tendencies. We envision sustained and continuous growth for our eCommerce products and services including our Magento 2 extensions, Mobile eCommerce Solutions, Custom Enterprise Solutions and much more. We hope the new look will support our vision for smooth service offering.

Launch of New Product & Services

Launching our own Indian ecommerce portal in Diet and Nutrition sector,, was a true highlight for all of us at Envision Ecommerce. It allowed us to have ineffable experience in all aspects of Ecommerce, from procurement to technology, marketing, inventory, shipping, payment and deliveries.

It was wonderful to cater some major verticals like Health, Baby Products, Online Art Selling, Apps for Gyms and Educational Institutions. We’re also very pleased with the progress we’ve made in Mobile eCommerce area over the past years, with our new mobile apps like MageIonic, Ionic Gym app, Institute app, QuickNews App, RobustDiet app, BabyOodles App and much more.


Our innovative Magento 1, Magento 2 extensions (also live on Magento Marketplace), WooCommerce plugins and Web themes are continuing to be developed and as part of our Ecommerce Consultancy service, we have been helping our clients in growing and making profits from Ecommerce. Plus, we’re constantly growing as one of the best Ecommerce Consultancy in our region.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When it comes to our Corporate Social Responsibility, we pride ourselves on our charity and donation contributions and, though it can never be enough, so we’re continually supporting Bal Niketan orphanage in Chandigarh/Panchkula with our “Smile Sharing Initiatives” on each Diwali. Generally, we aim to bring some smile on the face of underprivileged Orphans with our contribution in terms of cash and kind.


Festival Celebrations and Events

As a family, we hold some special events and celebrations at every festival. Some of these are New Year’s Eve party, Lohri celebration, Republic Day celebration, 15 August celebration, Diwali celebration, a Christmas party, Envision’s foundation day festivity, employees’ birthday celebrations, the memorable farewell parties for employees leaving the office and much more.


Best & Fastest Growing Team in Our Region

Envision started its journey in April 2015 with a team of only 5 people and has welcomed several new experienced staff to our growing team.


In just under 2 years of our inception in the eCommerce area, we’ve been able to scale up to a team of 50+ professionals, including 5 Magento Certified Professionals, in-house Google Analytics & Adwords Certified Professionals, developers proficient in Nodejs, Angularjs & Laravel, Graphic Designers and others. Apart from that, we have the best Ecommerce team in our region.


In this year, we will continue with our on-going recruitment program that suits the needs of our eCommerce business and as mentioned, hope our whimsical new office and facilities will support us in attracting the best candidates for the required roles.

Thank You’s

We would like to thank all those team members who have been with us since our start. Yes, we’re very thankful for all of you for your continued support, great efforts and services.


Projects, Clients & Corporate Partners

We have served many clients that have approached us to work on their wide-ranging projects and we would like to thank them for showing trust on us, continuing to support and appoint us for their complex eCommerce projects. Their name list is long and they know who they are but just to indicate a few project names, including beArty, BabyOodles, Biotic Healthcare, Graduate America, Merconnect, TravelShades, Oliso and many others.


We continue to be involved in some type of corporate partnerships, and as of now, we have become partners with Magecloud, Veeqo, Amasty, Cart2Cart and Shopify.


2017 and the Road Ahead

Well, for this year 2017 and beyond, we are pre-planned to magnify our Mobile App Division with more brainy and challenge-accepting youth. Along with a new look website, we also envision to expand our reach to some more global destinations like Australia & New Zealand in order to cater more international clients. Despite our 2 established & successful years, all we can say that there is no time for Envision Ecommerce to rest on its laurels. We will be looking to grow our team, continue to launch innovative eCommerce products, carry on to enhance the service offered, stepping towards IoT (the Internet of Things) and hopefully emerge stronger throughout the years ahead.

Envision Launches Multiple Magento 2 Extensions At Once

Envision Ecommerce is focused on gaining momentum towards the launching process of Magento 2 extensions (this year) more strongly than last year. That’s why as per January 5th we are pleased to introduce a bundle of four new Magento 2 extensions. These extensions include:

  • Quick Comment on Checkout
  • Advance Product Sale Countdown
  • Quick Product Question and Answers
  • Advance Auto Suggest Search

Quick Comment on Checkout extension is specially designed for customers so that they can quickly leave comments at the point of checkout. This functionality was not a part of Magento 2 by default. This is the reason we bring such functionality for Magento 2 website admin via this extension. Not only it is easy-to-use and easy-to-install, but also works smoothly with Magento 2 order management workflow.

Key Features of Quick Comment on Checkout Extension:

  • Customers can quickly do order comment during checkout.
  • Allows store admin to view order comments on the order detail page in the admin panel.
  • Allows end users to view order comments on order detail page.
  • And much more…

Advance Product Sale Countdown extension is launched to help store owners to set a price countdown timer for specific products. It provides store owners a chance to attract more visitors towards their products and boost sales.

Key Features of Advance Product Sale Countdown:

  • It works like an eye-catching solution for customers as store owners can easily display a self-timer set for some specific product prices.
  • Store owners can display this countdown (in the form of days/hours/minutes) feature on both product catalog and product detail pages.
  • It allows store owners to display special deals or offers on product prices with end times.
  • It is compatible with multi-store configurations.
  • And much more…

Advance Auto Suggest Search extension is specially designed for the ease of customers to easily find out what they’re looking for. It allows customers to search products by typing relevant text in the search box. The search box then displays most relevant search suggestions along with savvy autocomplete functionality. Thus, it allows customers to buy a desired product right from those search suggestions.

Some Key Features of Advance Auto Suggest Search Extension:

  • It is a time-saving formula for customers as they can quickly get relevant product search suggestions to make a purchase for the desired product.
  • It is easy to customize this extension for its autocomplete search functionality.
  • Store owners can easily set an autocomplete search delay and optimize server loads.
  • It also allows customers to view search results on the basis of product price, name and relevance.
  • And much more…

Quick Product Question and Answers extension is useful for customers to ask questions about a product before buying it. It enables store owners to answer those questions though the store admin panel. Technically, it is a Magento 2 extension that originates a two-way communication between possible customers and store owners. It gives store owners an opportunity to convert those questioners into buyers by honestly answering to their questions.

Key Features of Quick Product Question and Answers:

  • It allows customers to view or read previous customers’ questions and admin’s answers regarding the same product they’re going to buy.
  • It allows store owners and customers to receive email alerts regarding questions and answers.
  • It facilitates a two-way communication between store owners and customers regarding a particular product.
  • And much more…

All these extensions are already under Magento Review and will be available on Magento Market place soon. Launching more eCommerce products geared towards customer & store admin benefits is our major motive for this year. To know more about our upcoming eCommerce products, stay connected with us!

Envision Ecommerce Conducting a Train & Hire Program for Undergraduates and Freshers

At Envision Ecommerce we are conducting a ‘Train & HirePHP program for undergraduates or students passing out from recognized institutes and colleges. In this program, a student has to undergo the process of 6 Months/2 Months paid PHP internship at Envision Ecommerce.

“Train & Hire” PHP program is a combined program for students to grab core technical skills, soft skills and hiring chances. Also, you will get knowledge about other in-demand IT technologies and platforms such as HTML Bootstrap, Core PHP, MVC, Magento, Laravel, Angular JS, Hybrid Application Development and Digital Marketing concepts.

Whether you want to learn one new thing or to start the path to technical mastery, you will always have an access to senior developers, eCommerce Experts, Magento Certified Developers, Laravel developers with 7+ years of experience and Google AdWords certified professionals.

This PHP internship program is focused on both theoretical & practical work in PHP, and students will also get opportunities to work on live PHP projects. Technical skill based tests, practical tests, reasoning tests and aptitude tests are some other ways we use to train our students.

Not only do we offer an internship, but also turn you to ‘IT Industry Ready’ by providing you with supplemental guidance on in-trend digital marketing concepts, eCommerce expertise, HTML concepts, soft skill development and corporate world introduction.


Envision Ecommerce cordially invites all freshers & undergraduates to avail the benefits of our ‘Train & Hire’ PHP program. Get “well-trained” with the help of our certified professionals and grab a chance of being absorbed into Envision Ecommerce. Contact us to join this program!

Email us at: [email protected]

Call us at: +91-8872009774

Envision Ecommerce’s Journey covered by Amasty

Envision Ecommerce is in News. Yes, it’s so amazing to share that our COO & CO-Founder of Envision Ecommerce, Vikrant Shukla recently had been interviewed for Amasty (who is one of our partners) to share some insights about Magento2 and its future.

Amasty is known for its innovative ecommerce solutions. Amasty also develops Magento modules for their online merchants to deliver the most effective solutions along with their business enrichments. They interviewed our COO as well as Magento certified Solution Specialist, Vikrant Shukla to know about the journey of Envision Ecommerce on the path of e-commerce development. Here you can see in detail

As, Vikrant said in his interview, “Envision started in April 2015 with a team of 5 people, but now has a good growth with the team size increasing to 40+ people.” This growth makes our business i.e. Envision Ecommerce stand out among our competitors. Vikrant emphasised that Magento 2 is the future of Ecommerce Development and is going to take Magento (as a company) way further than where it is currently. He stated in his discussion that Envision Ecommerce as a Company is already doing a lot in Magento 2 and spreading its learning with community via the “How To” blogs on Magento 2.

Envision Ecommerce is happy to partner with likeminded companies. We know that growth is always possible with done together and as our tag line says the same “Let’s Grow Together”. Contact us to discuss any possible partnership with our Company.

Envision Ecommerce Sums Up to 5 Magento Certified Professionals

We at Envision Ecommerce are extremely proud to introduce another Magento Certification added to our Magento Team. We now have total 5 certified Magento professionals who help us keep an edge in the market by making by regularly updating ourselves to keep up to the pace of the Ecommerce Industry.

We have significantly expanded our company’s footprint worldwide since 2015, helping ecommerce businesses by providing unmatched implementation and support. Now with more professional certified helping hands, our eCommerce practices allow us to comprehensively serve business owners as a one-stop shop for all their technology related business needs.

Envision Ecommerce’s entire certified team includes, “ One Magento Certified Solution Specialist, One Magento Certified Developer, One Magento Front End Developer and two Magento Certified Developer Plus”. This brings extensive expertise & knowledge together with an aim to deliver complete Magento eCommerce solutions for B2B and B2C clients without breaking a bank.