How Internet of Things Will Gain Popularity in 2016?

With the passage of time, the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes one of the smartest and profitable devices for the e-commerce and end-users. The innovative things allow businesses to enhance the software efficiency and earn remarkably vast benefits in different areas like health, safety and household & commercial environment. According to some survey & research reports, most of the businesses were started to pay off in 2015 with their investments in the IoT infrastructures and technologies. Most of the innovative things encouraged customers to purchase and move forward from automobiles to appliances and connected to inert devices to the internet in some ways. The buzz around the IOT will continue this flow, and increasingly move to the peak of everyone’s schema in 2016.

As per the Business Insider Intelligence report, the Internet of Things will become the major market device in the world and expected that by 2019 IoT will be more than twice the size of the tablet, PC, mobile phones available in the market right now. IoT is going to be epic and allows users to earn the huge share in the near future.

In a new report from BI Intelligence (Intelligence Business Insider), you can check what presently encourages a development in the Internet of Things and how many economy sectors will embrace the innovations of IoT.

iot devices

Read on to learn the vital findings from the BI Intelligence report:

  • Increased efficiency and lower costs are the two main benefits of growth in the Internet of Things. Though, many of us hesitate to use such devices due to security problems. But, the IoT assures improved efficiency within the workplace, home, and city by giving full control to the users.
  • Software developers and infrastructure businesses will earn the huge profits from IoT techniques as compared to the revenue from hardware sales in the coming years. According to the survey, it is realized that the shipment of the device will be reached up to 6.7 billion in 2019 for a 5year CAGR of 61%.
  • In 2019, The Internet of Things will be added the $1.7 trillion in value to the world economy. It is suspected that internally acclaimed linked devices in the business sectors like financial services, health, IT and technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology etc, will be preferably growing in the future.

Fortunately, these above mentioned factors make a big impact on businesses, especially in 2016. So, every business owner should realize the value of data about their industry operations in the following manner and make it compatible in the rising scale of IOT innovation. Despite the aforesaid, there are more ways devised by businesses to stay connected with the end users in a comprehensive manner and to run their industry smarter and smoother with the collaboration of Internet of Things.


Redirect Loop – A trouble for WordPress/Woocommerce sites lacking SSL certificates

Many users of WordPress/WooCommerce sites have started seeing some strange issues from last week. These issues incorporate a redirect loop, broken styles sheets & missing Javascript files. All these issues resulted in a one – unable access of users to their websites. Moreover, it is really odd to hear from users that they had not done even a single change on their site before arising of this issue.

Redirect Loop – A trouble for WordPress/Woocommerce sites lacking SSL certificates

These odd issues gave rise to further cases like sites were being redirected to their https:// version, a global redirect across the full website, the page would load on http:// excluding stylesheets & scripts that would load on https://, problem with the sites not configured in accordance with SSL or not had a valid SSL certificate. WooCommerce plugin observed as the culprit of all such issues and turning the plugin to an inactive state resolved the problems. But, how can a user inactivate the plugin while functionality of a site depends on it.

The fixing of these issues can bother site owners like – there would be a need to upgrade WooCommerce version older than 2.3.12 to its latest version. However, some issues may also arise on WooCommerce side due to the usage of old or no-longer-time upgraded WooCommerce version. Even an upgraded WooCommerce with old override templates will not work any longer. So, there is first need to upgrade your override templates. “To go with the buying of an SSL certificate for your domain or hosting SSL” – is another best option to get recover from such issues. Thus, it will even work under the cases of redirected requests.

After reading this post, it is apparent for the users, especially those who are in the field of eCommerce that they should take the opportunity to include SSL on to their site to make it more and more secure.

Happy Birthday WooThemes

WooThemes, the company behind WooCommerce, is now 7 years old. We congratulate WooTheme on this Anniversary. WooCommerce, has certainly changed the way of today’s world thinks about Ecommerce. It is the first choice of “SME” for their online Ecommerce solution. We recently did a blog post ”Why WooCommerce” on how WooTheme has made WooCommerce, which is now slowly overtaking the world of Ecommerce.

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WordPress acquires WooCommerce, a perfect marriage for Ecommerce Industry

Automattic, the company behind, announced on 19th May that it is acquiring the team and company behind the popular WooCommerce WordPress plugin. WooCommerce is a very popular and highly used WordPress plugin that allows a WordPress based website to turn into an Online Ecommerce store.

Since it’s launch in 2011 by WooThemes, WooCommerce has turned out to be a dominant force in Ecommerce Domain. The Company Automattic is now ten years old company and has some serious future and potential ahead with the kind of portfolio they carry.


WordPress and the company behind it(Automattic) has always envisioned to power the highest number of website on web and with this acquisition, they might reach this aim. Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic claimed this to be an another step for wordpress to do so. WordPress has many plan around this acquisition. They want the users to be able to start their own store as easily as they their website and blog currently. He said that they will aim to make WooCommerce installation and usage as easy as Wordpres. The WooCommerce company’s figure being closed to eight figures(most of it coming from plugin, theme and services) make it a profitable buy for Automattic.

With this acquisition, WordPress also aims to target its competitor like Squarespace which already provide store front solution with Shopify and Bigcommerce. The main focus for WordPress after this acquisition is to make WooCommerce more flexible, easy to install and manage.

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