New launch: Envision Advanced Self-Assistant WordPress Plugin

We at Envision Ecommerce are thrilled to announce our next biggest yet latest launch of WordPress Plugin i.e. Envision Advanced Self-Assistant. This plugin allows WordPress owners to give their customers a quick self-support without a need of a sales representative. The plugin works like a live chat, and responses to customers’ queries in real-time.

The plugin is built with some outclass features, which help WordPress owners to easily add and manage the smart questions, categories, tags, question rankings, theme settings, POPup settings, EECOM analytics and more via back-end. Moreover, this plugin can easily be modified or customized as per the requirements!

The Main Highlights of this Plugin are:

  • Allow WordPress owner to create smart questions via back-end.
  • Allow admin to add and assign different categories and tags to each smart question.
  • Response to customers’ queries in real-time with no sales executive handling clients.
  • Allow admin to manage or update the rank of smart questions
  • Allow customers to replace their queries or questions with the smart question for fast response.
  • Admin can manage the entire list of customers through this plugin.
  • Help admin to keep the complete record of “Reply to Customer”.
  • Admin can change or set the theme of self-assistant POPup widget.
  • EASA Front-end POPUP Settings can also be changed.
  • Allow admin to create and manage EASA company types.
  • Allow admin to generate more than one script for the “Reply to Customers.”
  • This plugin facilitate store owners to view Analytic reports of their store which includes new vs returning visitors, Site content and so on.


Overall, it’s a WordPress plugin, which supports both WordPress store owners and online shoppers in improving their user’s experience. Get your plugin here:

Profit and Sales Projection Report for WooCommerce Launched!

Envision Ecommerce is on cloud nine. Yes, we are extremely happy to announce that our new WooCommerce Plugin i.e. Profit and Sales Projection Report, is now ready to use for WooCommerce community.

This Profit and Sales Projection Report plugin will allow WooCommerce store owners to view their annually and monthly store’s profit and sales projection report in graphical format. Not only this, store owners can also get the complete detail of their sales profit for a particular date, product and product’s category through this plugin.

More on, Profit and Sales Projection Report for WooCommerce allows WooCommerce owners to view a graphical representation of their weekly, monthly and yearly profit and orders.

The main highlights of our Profit and Sales Projection Report plugin include;

  • View Graphical Representation of the Sales Profit
  • View Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Profit and Orders
  • Show Profit Projection by Yearly and Monthly
  • Show Sales Projections by Monthly and Yearly

Now perceive the profit and sales of your WooCommerce store in advance through this unique WooCommerce plugin. For purchasing, you can visit at

Just stay tuned for the next big release of Envision Ecommerce’s WooCommerce plugin!

New Launch! Bulk SMS Textart WooCommerce Connector

For the past few days, we’ve been developing behind the scenes on getting our new product ready today – the launch of our new WooCommerce plugin “Bulk SMS Textart WooCommerce Connector”. Lastly, we launched Bulk SMS Textart Connector for Magento Extension, and now we are introducing the same facility for WooCommerce store owners. We are very excited to inform you that our newly developed WooCommerce plugin “Bulk SMS Textart WooCommerce Connector” is all set to fly.

This WooCommerce plugin is mainly created for WooCommerce store admin so that they can easily notify their customers about the order events & status by sending SMS’s on their mobile phones. These order status and event mainly cover – Pending Payment Processing, On Hold, Completed, Cancelled, Refunded and Failed. Not only does the plugin support API settings, but also allows an admin to customize the SMS text up to 160 characters.

Bulk SMS Textart WooCommerce Connector plugin features enormous considerable services, that allow your WooCommerce store move proficiently along with high-level of customer satisfaction. The main highlights of our Bulk SMS Textart WooCommerce Connector plugin include:

• WooCommerce Orders Status Update SMS Alert
• Bulk Messaging System Support
• Plugin with Single Page Settings Dashboard
• Allows admin to manage complete status Messages
• Message Support – Character Limit up to 160
• Easy to Enable/Disable Plugin via Backend
• Integrated with API Settings & much more

There are many more high-end, cost effective plugins to come. So, stay tuned for the release of our next WooCommerce plugin, and other eCommerce updates by subscribing to our newsletter!


With the goal to support store admin to effortlessly import or export product reviews & star ratings, though a CSV file, Envision Commerce has launched new WooCommerce Plugin – WooCommerce Product Reviews Export/Import Plugin. The plugin is one of the most effective tools to make the review & rating management process simple & less tiring for a store admin.

The most important benefit of this WooCommerce plugin is that it allows WooCommerce store owner to customize the reviews & star ratings given by original customers. The plugin also allows you to add your own custom product reviews and star rating

WooCommerce Product Reviews Export/Import Plugin is a wise choice for store admin to attract more visitors by displaying positive product reviews & ratings. Good reviews & ratings help in good product buying and promote a good image of products among customers. A CSV file used in import/export can also be kept as a hard-copy backup for future usage or others like database failure, migration to other eCommerce platforms, updating an existing version of WooCommerce store, etc…

It is easy-to-install & customize this WooCommerce plugin. All you need is just to complete installation & the configuration process for your WooCommerce store and check how easy to manage this plugin. It is definitely one of the best WooCommerce plugins you should try.

How Request A Quote Functionality is Important for Ecommerce Websites?

There is always one word “Discount” that we as customers attract. Well, you can often observe that this word works fine when you buy more than one & the total amount is a challenging one – an amount that we do not often have in-cash with us.

However, if we get some kind of buying assistant like “Request a Quote” functionality which further leads to discounted price benefits, we will be surely pushed to buy and not to just postpone after adding products in the cart.

So, we can confidently say that a “Request a Quote” functionality along with your store products helps in making direct interaction between your & your customers for price negotiation. And, price negotiation, mainly works like a convincing tool to turn your visitors into your potential customers.

Request a Quote functionality makes your ecommerce store customers feel like they are shopping in a real store & have that ability to ask for a quote for required products/items available. This feature helps in making contact between supplier & buyer by sharing list of products for which the quote is requested. The buyers can ask for a quote and admin can compromise & respond back with a compromising quotation proposal.

Overall, this “Request a Quote” functionality can be a powerful weapon for your eCommerce store in terms of getting successful conversions & an increase in purchases of your ecommerce store.

We at Envision Ecommerce have also developed some effective tools to bring that request a quote functionality in your eCommerce store, WooCommerce Advance Request a Quote & Request for price. WooCommerce Advance Request a Quote plugin supports customers with a bargaining feature to request a single or multiple products for quote & further discount benefits. On the other hand, Request for Price is Magento 2 based extension helps Magento admin to hide the price of products so that customers make requests for product prices. Providing you these tools mean affecting positively your customers’ attitude towards purchases.

Therefore, find out more features of these useful plugin & extension for advantageous quote system for your own eCommerce store.

WooCommerce 2.5 – A New Version Of WooCommerce is Available Now!

A new version of world’s most popular eCommerce platform, WooCommerce 2.5 “Dashing Dolphin” is just released. As an eCommerce consultant, we always keep an eye on such eCommerce related updates & releases so as to gear up for all new challenges & taking all necessary steps. In order to do the same, we are going to take a look into what’s new & revolutionized in WooCommerce 2.5 today.

WooCommerce 2.5 has come up with developer-oriented changes, like WP-CLI support and new REST API endpoints, mainly to enhance store performance & management. Also, all these changes & improvements are done to make WooCommerce more flexible to different site configurations.

A new session handler, more flexible checkout process, much faster product review display & PHP 7 support, all these changes are the biggest ones in new version of WooCommerce that make it more reliable & fast. The other added new endpoints include:

  • Supports POST, PUT, and DELETE for product categories and tags.
  • Supports filtering of products by tag, category, shipping class, and attribute.
  • Tax and tax_class endpoints for setting up tax rates.
  • Other template changes & much more.

WooCommerce 2.5 includes some small quality of life changes for shop owners and administrators to improve store management, while adding some very useful developer tools and performance enhancements.

However, there are also some small quality of life changes included in WooCommerce 2.5, for shop owners and managers. These changes cover the followings:

  • Removal of shipping display mode
  • Improved Tax settings
  • Ability to quickly view and easily manage emails
  • “Pay” Link for admin to easily send to customers
  • Ability to search for both parent/simple & a specific variation’s SKU

Frontend Minor Changes to Improve Customers’ Shopping Experience:

  • Visibility of “Add to Cart” button only after selecting a variation for variable products
  • Terms and conditions checkbox before “Place Order” button
  • Strong passwords

The blog post is just to inform you about such new enhancements & changes in new WooCommerce 2.5. We also recommend you to make a backup, update extensions, & then update your WooCommerce store to make your updating process as smooth as probable.

Allow Your Visitors to Inspect Your Products with a More Detailed View

Regardless of what trendy online-trade you are into, displaying your product items in the catalog with a stock image is not just enough to show the exact quality of your products. So, it would be better to allow your visitors to inspect your products with a more detailed view. A zooming feature could be an appealing solution because it offers visitors to look at the products more closely.

Now, for those who have an online eCommerce business based on WordPress & WooCommerce, we have just released a WooCommerce Advance Image Zoom plugin which allows visitors to magnify product images by simply hovering the mouse over them. The customers can now analyze the product with more detailed view, and they don’t have the need to go searching for any additional images for clearer view or details.

As the name (WooCommerce Advance Image Zoom) suggests, the plugin features advance setting panel to configure it differently to make it working differently in the front end such as cursor type options, lens shape options, lens color options, lens border, zoom window width, height, color & border options, fade-in speed, fade-out speed, and much more. The other major features of this plugin include:

  • Allows to enlarge product images on mouseover.
  • Allows to set zooming feature effortlessly with its advance setting panel.
  • Features easy-to-use configurable magnification settings.
  • Comes up with easy Lens zoom & image position settings.
  • Compatibility with all WordPress themes.
  • Supports “Be Theme”, “Avada”, “Wshop”, “WooDizain”, & all WordPress default themes
  • A very lightweight plugin.

Taken as a whole, our WooCommerce Advance Image Zoom plugin not only helps in increasing the emotions of your customers, but also enhances the sales of your WooCommerce store. Creating & improving a practical & emotional user experience for your website & products, it is always a fine thing to do. So, just do it right now!

The plugin is also available at our CodeCanyon Profile.

Add More Credibility to Your WooCommerce Store with Our New Plugin

We announce our next release WooCommerce Product Star Rating and Review. This plugin comes with attractive star rating & a review system to facilitate you build an aesthetically pleasing review based website. In addition to this, it also encourages your customers to add star ratings & reviews to your store’s products.

With the help of this easy-to-install & customizable WooCommerce plugin, a store admin is allowed to restrict/permit adding reviews option for different users like regular customers, logged-in users, visitors, etc. There are many other features supported by this WooCommerce plugin. These are mentioned below:

[vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]

  • It allows shoppers to add reviews to your store’s products.
  • The plugin features an attractive Star style review system.
  • The store admin has the option to restrict adding reviews for customers only.
  • It also allows the store admin to restrict adding reviews of customers who have purchased a product.
  • Let only logged-in users to view reviews.
  • Let all logged-in users to add reviews.
  • It allows you to choose who can review, purchased users or normal users or both.


By openly presenting reviews, you can help your customers in making more informed purchase decisions. However, the display of reviews gives customers some guarantees about your store. The plugin not only encourages your customers to add their reviews, but you can also use it to present such reviews to your potential customers. Overall, this WooCommerce plugin improves the credibility of your WooCommerce store & enhances sales.

The plugin is also available at our CodeCanyon Profile

Speed Up Your Store With Advance WooCommerce Image Lazy Loader

We have released Advance WooCommerce Image Lazy Loader – our new WooCommerce plugin which is mainly developed to speed up stores having heavy content or images. With this plugin, the store owners can easily define the elements on which they wish to apply the lazy load. These lazy load applied elements don’t get loaded in the viewport until the user scrolls to them. The plugin features lazy load application for the elements such as images, video, iframe, loading effects, background color, etc. The  features that our professional WooCommerce developers have included in this plugin:

  • Enable/disable lazy load option for the images.
  • Customize the display of setting box.
  • Supports videos and iframes Lazy Load.
  • Add classes to skip lazy load for particular images.
  • Easy Script Load Optimization from sites Header or Footer.
  • Disable On WPTouch/MobilePress.
  • Lazy load images with a FADE IN or SPINNER effect.
  • Custom Lazy Load pre-load background color.
  • Supports Image Load Threshold Option.

Advance WooCommerce Image Lazy Loader is a handy WooCommerce plugin that allows store admin to customize admin setting options to enable or disable the lazy load option. Thus, the plugin not only improves your site’s loading time & its speed, but also supports you in reducing your hosting server load.

The plugin is also available at our CodeCanyon Profile

WooCommerce Plugins Updated In Line With Latest Woocommerce (2.4.10) and WordPress (4.4)

Envision Ecommerce always endures to be on top of everything it does in the eCommerce area. In order to do the same, we have just updated all our WooCommerce plugins to be compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce (2.4.10) and WordPress (4.4).

As always, we aimed to encompass minor, medium and some really important tasks in our blog post, but this WooCommerce plugins updated task was completely different from others. Advanced Request Quote, Easy Customer & Order Export, Easy customer & Order Import, Multiple Products Add to Cart, and WooCommerce Product catalog are our newly updated WooCommerce plugins.

Our team of professional developers has tested WooCommerce plugins (all above mentioned) against WooCommerce 2.4.10 and WordPress 4.4., and improved them by removing some functionality conflicts (they found during testing process), and finally updated these plugins in tune with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress versions.

We look forward to your feedback on our newly updated WooCommerce plugins, and also look forward to sharing many other advancements with you in WooCommerce’s future, as we expand our eCommerce capabilities in WooCommerce field.