Entice Your Customers to Request for the Price with New Magento 2 Extension

  • Posted by Envision Ecommerce
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  • March 3, 2016

Envision Ecommerce is always focused on increasing its competency in the next big eCommerce things. With same thing in our vision, we have started working on to produce Magento2 extension.

This month we are super excited to bring you our new launch of Magento 2 based extension – Request for Price. Our talented team of certified Magento developers has cooked up another remarkable Magento2 extension after Flaunt your Magento Store Statistics extension that we hope you’ll surely love.

There may be hundreds of reasons that force a Magento store owner to hide product prices from product pages & display customized text in place of product prices. In such cases, our Request for Price extension works best for you to hide product price with your own customized text like “Request for Price” or Call for Price. It will entice your customers to quote you for the prices & you will get an opportunity to convert them into sales. Thus, the extension helps you to increase your Magento store sales.

Suppose your customers browse through your Magento store & don’t able to view price of some of your store products. Just imagine that eagerness of your customers & you can grab such eagerness by enticing them to request for price by displaying following options with our extension:

  • Personalized Message
  • Contact Information
  • Email-Address or Phone Number

Be it a configurable product or a bundled product, this extension works for both kinds of product apart from the simple products. However, the customized message is absolutely HTML capable which further supports users to get redirected when they click on that message. The benefits of this extension are not over yet! Another benefit is that after having price requests from customers you can have a holistic view of customer’s psychological requests that are more productive for you in tune with future perspective. So, ready to dive into the pool of numerous benefits & sale opportunities only with our Request for Price Magento 2 extension!

We welcome your comments & you can give your own suggestions if you would like to request new features or to advance the existing features of this extension.

Happy E-Commerce!