Netsmartz Shopify Support Plans

Shopify Support Plans

Support Plans

The Support plan provides the ability to purchase the discounted prepaid hours and access to the development resources and Shopify application support specialist. Support clients can migrate from one plan to another, thereby increasing and decreasing the number of monthly committed hours.

Per Ticket Smart 40 Smart 80 Smart 160
Price Per Month $1600 $2800 $4800
Get Started Easily
Monthly Commitment $50 per hour $40 per hour $35 per hour $30 per hour
Monthly Hours Included   40 hours 80 hours 160 hours
Rollover Hours   0 8 20
24*7 Customer Care Access        
Stay Protected and Get Support
Turn Around Time 8 hour 8 hour 8 hour 8 hour
Dedicated Account Manager        
Dedicated Support Team        
US EST Time Zone Coverage        
Price Per Month $1600 $2800 $4800

Terms & Conditions

  • The Support Plans are on monthly subscriptions.
  • Rollover Hours can be carried over to max three months only.
  • Plan termination requires 30 days’ notice prior to the commencement of a new service month.
  • Support Plans are paid monthly, in advance.
  • The time used by the Support Help Desk Team to manage tickets and schedule resources are not billable.
  • Turn Around Time is the time frame in which a Support Help Desk Team Member will respond to a ticket. It is not associated with the resolution of a ticket. The assigned Support Team Member will work to resolve your ticket as quickly as possible and will keep you apprised of the resolution status and progress.
  • Only the authorized users shall have the access to our support team.
  • Our goal is to provide superior service. For that reason, clients can increase or decrease their plan size prior to the close of a service month with 48-hour notice. The upgraded plan would be effective from the next calendar month.
  • Each Support Ticket carries a minimum of 1 support hour.
  • If a support ticket requires more than 1 hour of work or if the effort would exceed available hours, the support team will present a rough estimation of hours and will require approval before work is commenced.
  • The development team’s working hours are 12 PM to 9 PM IST (covers till 11:30 EST, if the development team’s support is required in full EST time zone then 10% additional fee would be levied – applicable only for Smart80 and 160).
  • A support plan can be discontinued while giving 30 days notice.
How to Submit Issues & Work Request
Issue Classification & Prioritization

Support Help Desk Tickets are assigned a Severity Code in the following manner:

  • How important responding to the issue is to the Customer and/or
  • The diagnosed Severity Code and
  • The availability of workarounds.

The Severity Code forms the basis for scheduling of work and the assignment of resource(s) to the Ticket. Critical, important, and supportive application functions are defined in the section below.

Service Code Priority Definition
Blocker Server/Service Accessibility Issue An issue has made a critical application function unusable or unavailable and no workaround exists.
High Critical Issue An issue has made a critical application function unusable or unavailable but a workaround exists. An issue has made an important application function unusable or unavailable and no workaround exists.
Medium Medium An issue related to past of present integration has diminished critical or important application functionality or performance but the functionality still performs as specified in the user documentation.
Low Low/Changes An issue has diminished supporting application functionality or performance. Integration of 3rd Party Applications.