Enhance Your Magento Store Conversions with Basic Yet, Effective Tactics

You already have a good customer reach. The campaign tactics have worked fine. The page visits’ is way higher than you had been expecting. Your ecommerce site ranks fairly high in the search engines. The only problem you are facing currently is the bounce rate, and of course the lowering conversion rates. At this time, you can’t blame your marketing tools as they have already done their part at reaching out to new customers. You can’t blame your SEO tools, as the tactics haven’t let you down with the page visits.

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This is the time for some internal assessment and grooming your store for better conversions.

FOMO Tactics

We have availed ourselves on social media, due to the “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO). Everyone fears losing their place to someone else. This includes the chances of getting products online. It is one tactic that most ecommerce websites have owned, with highly successful conversions. Users are more likely to buy things on the spot if the gateway is constricted to a few minutes. Here are a few tricks that have worked as FOMO tricks:

Flash sale: Where the product is available on the website on a weekly basis. Xiaomi has sold millions of phones with this approach.

Limited Stocks: Advertise the fear that the product is available in limited numbers. That numbers are decreasing every second and will soon be out of stock. It has often worked for the newly arrived items. The same can be applied to older products at a reduced price.

Discounts for a Limited Time

Amazon and Flipkart have recently performed this through a 4-day window for several products on sale with heavy discounts, cashback offers, and deals. The exact number of sales was extremely high. As a merchant, you can try for such a window annually. This will give you better exposure, accompanied by heavy conversion rates.

A Detailed Product Description

You are the window through which the user can imagine and connect with the product. Make sure you add quality images and video clips to let them see the product closely. If possible, add the necessary specs, additional warranty, additional items often bought with the product, and answers to frequently asked questions by the buyers about the product. Amazon and Flipkart can be seen mentioning the eye-catching details in the first few lines of their product listings. There is just enough detail to convert the user to a customer quickly. This will also help in decreasing the chances of asking for a refund as you had already mentioned the terms of purchase in the product description.

The Reward for Buying at Specific Time

Reward the buyers with additional benefits like discounts, cashback, or offers for the future purchase if they buy specific products at a specific time. Nobody says no to savings on purchases.

Happy Reviews Helps in Quick Decisions

Get genuine reviews and feedback from customers who find themselves lucky to purchase the product at that instant. Reviews play a major role in converting visitors to customers. Appreciate the positive ones and learn about the areas of improvement from the negative ones.

Upgrade Technology Platform

You might have built your online store on the technology platform that was perfect for the customers of yesteryear. A lot has changed in the last decade. Highly popular ecommerce stores like Amazon have put in a lot of effort and resources to provide both a great user experience and the coveted convenience for today’s customers. They have incorporated an advanced ecommerce technology platform to provide a win-win situation to both the customers as well as the sellers. Nearly all new stores entering the market every day are utilizing the Magento platform because of its track record.

For those ecommerce ventures that were built on Magento 1, they can now migrate to Magento 2 and capitalize on the intelligent capabilities of the platform. To learn why ecommerce entrepreneurs are setting up their online stores on Magento 2.x, read this blog.

We hope these small changes bring big changes to your sales graph.

Magento is back with another “Distributed Contribution Day” 2019

We all are aware of how fun-filled and interesting the last Distributed Contribution Day was. Well, it’s time to mark our calendars for the next.

On May 4th, 2019, Magento’s Distributed Contribution Day is going to happen in 8 different cities on the same day and at the same time. The cities witnessing this amazing event are Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Pune.

Magento has come up with a great initiative this year; they have decided to donate the entire registration fee to the “Bharat Ke Veer” foundation as a token of generosity for the noble cause.

The objective of the day:

The Magento Contribution Day focuses on providing intensive workshops with Magento Community Engineering teams and giving you insight into Magento 2 development.

Organizing Companies are:

RanoSys, CedCommerce, AppseConnect, DCKAP, Netsmartz, Codilar, and Wagento.

Who can and should attend this event?

Developers, agencies, eCommerce retailers

Magento 2 enthusiasts

Why you should participate?

Magento core team members will be there to solve your coding related issues

You can contribute to Magento 2 directly

Learn about Magento’s best practices

Interact with Magento developers for open Magento 2 issues

Meet services providers, partners, and outsourcing services

Connect with prospects to find business opportunities

Present your products and/or services

What’s in it for you?

Develop feature/improvement

Do cross code reviews

Run tests and check results

Create and merge PRs

What you need to attend the meet?

Working (Up and running) Magento 2 version with develop branch, forked and pulled from GitHub

Debugger and IDE are up to you, the team uses xdebug and PHPStorm

Active GitHub account

Desire to make a contribution and have fun

Registration Link: http://meetmagento.in/

    Date: May 4th 2019

    Timing: 9AM-6PM

    Locations: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Pune.

Please Note: Limited seats available in each location so entries will be selected based on Magento Experience.

Magento Launched the Mobile Optimization Initiative for Merchants

Just more than a month ago, Peter Sheldon, the Senior Director of Commerce Strategy at Magento, posted a news update that the Magento Community, led by technology partners PayPal and Hi Conversion, launched the Mobile Optimization Initiative to help bridge the mCommerce gap.

It was revealed that during the time of launch that the participating system integration partners have conducted over 250 experiments resulting in three million data points from merchants worldwide.

They found that every major retailer is facing the same problem, which is converting sales using mobile devices. Smartphones have become a primary source of online shopping for many customers. However, the ratio of mobile views to conversion is far higher, meaning not as many conversions, in comparison to desktop views. A more effective scheme of monetizing consumers should be adopted by retailers as they are heading towards the competitive holiday season.

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It is important that consumers have a memorable mobile experience throughout the process to ensure better consumer engagement. Consumers do not hesitate to leave the buying process if the payment process is just a little bit confusing. Therefore, the mobile checkout experience has become a sore point for all brands.

What can be done?

The Mobile Optimization Initiative is all about providing retailers a complementary mobile checkout funnel assessment, optimized campaign design and implementation, and professional services during the ongoing program. The initiative works with 15 system integrators providing professional services, including Web 2 Market, Red stage, Razoyo, Something Digital, Imagination Media, Wagento, ICUBE, JH, Gene, IWD Agency, and Lima Consulting Group. The program is expanding globally and has already been accepted by 60 merchants.

The Mobile Optimization Initiative provides support to merchants, which will help them capture some of the revenue that is being lost because of low mobile optimization.

A community is required to work on this issue as one company cannot solve the mCommerce gap alone. The Magento Community is one such community with a vibrant, collaborative, and dedicated group of individuals working towards improving the online buying experience for everyone. They have come together to solve this ongoing problem with the best magento ecommerce developers, system integrators, designers, and merchants.

(News source:https://magento.com/blog/magento-news/magento-introduces-mobile-optimization-initiative-merchants)

Envision Ecommerce, Top B2B Companies on Clutch

In a time where ecommerce has seen only increasingly rapid acceleration, Envision Ecommerce knows exactly what clients and their companies need to succeed in the online landscape. Through our honed Magento e-commerce development skills and marketing experience, the team at Envision is an ideal partner for clients looking to ramp up their digital presence.

The company Envision Ecommerce, founded by Vikrant Shukla in 2015, has been serving clients from all across the globe with Magento-based products and services. Earlier this year, the company merged its operations under Netsmartz, one of India’s leading IT solutions provider.

Congratulating on this remarkable feat, Manipal Dhariwal, Chairman and CEO of Netsmartz, said, – “We stand at the forefront of a tremendous market opportunity. As we are at the dawn of the next Magento Revolution. Combining the full range of Netsmartz services, we are now expanding ecommerce solutions and its capabilities, offering an ever-broadening comprehensive portfolio to our customers.”

We are excited to announce that others are taking notice of our work, and B2B research firm Clutch has named us as one of the top e-commerce developers in India. Clutch’s sister website, the Manifest, has also published their new research highlighting Envision Ecommerce as one of the Top 25 Magento Development Companies in 2018.

The Manifest and Clutch, both business insight firms from Washington, D.C., evaluate thousands of companies based on their market presence, previous experience, and client feedback. Getting nominated as a leading company among their research strengthens our general reputability as a technology partner.

We’d like to acknowledge our clients for their reviews of us on our Clutch profile. Our team thrives on helping our clients and their businesses further build and maintain their e-commerce capabilities, so hearing directly from some of our previous customers about the impact that our products and team members have had definitely serves as a great source of pride for us.

“After several rounds of intense scrutiny and questioning to ensure their suitability, Envision Ecommerce managed to consistently exceed our expectations and fit our needs perfectly.”

 “Envision came and saved me,” summarized a second client. “I’d been reluctant to work with an Indian company because the output quality is usually not very good, but with Envision, it was different: they have a Westernized approach, Magento professionals, and a good communication system in place..”

Thank you to The Manifest, Clutch, and our clients for their support and recognition of Envision Ecommerce as a premier presence within the e-commerce development industry. We take great pride and satisfaction in knowing that we have served our clients, their businesses, and the greater community as well. Apart from this, Envision Ecommerce achieved another feat of being a top Magento Company on DesignRush. We welcome you to reach out to us if you are interested in hearing more about our projects or experience, and we look forward to new collaborations soon!

New Magento 2 Extension Launch – Advance Integrated blog

Envision Ecommerce is already working hard to produce countless updates for Magento store, Magento 2 store, WooCommerce store and more. We today come up with another extension which is for Magento 2 store named Advance Integrated blog.

Advance Integrated blog for Magento 2 is one of a kind extension in a market as it supports store owners to integrate blog section in their Magento 2 stores in mere minutes. This SEO friendly and fully compatible extension allows the store owner to manage everything related to the blog, including blog posts, categories, tags, blog widgets, permalinks, and much more on Magento 2 back-end with ease.

The main highlights of our Advanced Integrated Blog extension for Magento 2 include:
  • Support Multiple Store & Languages
  • Use SEO-friendly permalinks
  • Allow to import data from WordPress and from aheadWorks blog extension for Magento 1.
  • Integrated with Magento default XML Sitemap and RSS feed
  • Fully compatible
  • Allow customers to check the recent posts in the sidebar.

Further, the Advanced Integrated Blog Magento 2 extension does not only help store owners manage blog posts, but also helps them to increase the conversion rates of their e-commerce business. Isn’t it something very exciting? If yes, then go and update your Magento 2 store with this extension for your online business enrichment. You can buy Advance Integrated blog for Magento 2 at the pocket-friendly price at Envision Ecommerce.

Hey Magento 2, Happy Birthday!

Hey Magento 2, you just turned 1! Happy Birthday, brainy kiddo!

Well a very special day is finally here Magento’s little brainy baby ‘Magento 2’ is no longer an infant, it turns into a ‘Toddler’. It is a very awesome feeling of pride for its parent ‘Magento’ (a powerful shopping cart of the world) at seeing how far they’ve come and how quickly their little kiddo has gone from baby to toddler.

Time flies, as every year! No one knows how this 1 year flew by so quickly. We at Envision Ecommerce remember Magento 2’s arrival into this ever buzzing eCommerce world like it was just yesterday. It has been a very bittersweet past couple of months for Envision like how did we enter into Magento 2’s world from Magento so quickly and how much we have grown till now.

Envision Ecommerce has been working with Magento (Magento 2’s parent) since its inception in the eCommerce industry. Soon after, Magento graced the eCommerce industry with its birth to Magento 2 right before our very eyes. There have been many new features and enhancements added to the Magento 2 these first twelve months. The year of 2015 was just a starting point for you ‘Magento 2’ on the landscape of this ever-growing eCommerce market, which has led to success & gratitude through all these 12 months.

Being a company that’s got eCommerce as deeply embedded in its DNA, Envision Ecommerce has achieved some great accomplishments in conjunction with Magento 2’s first-year journey. From launching 7+ Magento 2 extensions, to offering 7+ Magento 2 based services, blogging over 50 posts on ‘How to Magento 2’ to help some budding eCommerce entrepreneurs & Magento developers, resolving 60+ Magento 2 based support tickets, migrating 10+ stores to Magento 2, upgrading 5+ stores to the latest Magento 2.1.x, to developing high-quality Magento 2 extensions (approved and available on Magento Marketplace) and launching Magento 2 based theme & templates, the year 2015-2016 has been wonderful to us. We grew to a team of 5 certified Magento developers.

Needless to say, the eCommerce industry is booming because of you ‘Magento’ and everyone in this industry is eagerly waiting for your little toddler Magento 2’s next year of more successes.


Again, on behalf of the entire team of Envisionaries we all wish you a very happy birthday Magento 2. Have a future full of shining achievements!


Need Urgent Magento Help, Get our Custom Hourly Premium Support Now.

Envision Ecommerce owns a huge appetite to deliver something new and custom services as per our customers’ requirements. Our new Magento Custom Hourly Premium Support service is one among them.

We understand that at times you don’t need to hire a full time Certified Magento Guy but need the assistance for quick fixes. From installing Magento extensions, component adjustment or to have Magento certified developers for any of your configuration procedure, to Magento consultancy & customization services, Envision Ecommerce caters to all these custom needs. You can now avail hourly premium packages for the specific number of hours based on your hourly custom support requirements.

This Magento Custom Hourly Premium Support is served by our certified Magento developers who have a solid footing in Magento since its launch. Moreover, our premium hourly support is a fully-adjustable hour to hour support. Once after receiving a support request from our customer’s end, Envision Ecommerce ensures you to contact you within 24 hours to discussing your Magento custom needs and offering you best custom support based on your need. We are based in India GMT+5:30 and work from Monday to Friday. We will ensure that you get the best out of this engagement.

So, what are you waiting for? Place a request today and avail our custom support services!

Envision Ecommerce Sums Up to 5 Magento Certified Professionals

We at Envision Ecommerce are extremely proud to introduce another Magento Certification added to our Magento Team. We now have total 5 certified Magento professionals who help us keep an edge in the market by making by regularly updating ourselves to keep up to the pace of the Ecommerce Industry.

We have significantly expanded our company’s footprint worldwide since 2015, helping ecommerce businesses by providing unmatched implementation and support. Now with more professional certified helping hands, our eCommerce practices allow us to comprehensively serve business owners as a one-stop shop for all their technology related business needs.

Envision Ecommerce’s entire certified team includes, “ One Magento Certified Solution Specialist, One Magento Certified Developer, One Magento Front End Developer and two Magento Certified Developer Plus”. This brings extensive expertise & knowledge together with an aim to deliver complete Magento eCommerce solutions for B2B and B2C clients without breaking a bank.

Acquia & Magento Combined Their Powers for Ecommerce Empowerment

Recently, Acquia & Magento commerce have teamed up with each other to unify content & commerce together. This integration is a good news for e-commerce site owner because it will allow them to offer a rich digital experience (extremely personalized content-rich experiences) to their customers.

The coming together of Magento & Acquia will support e-commerce site owners to gain superior content management & personalization benefits in conjunction with diverse Magento e-commerce functionalities at a significantly lower cost.

A Strong Joint Voice from the Both Collaborating Partners:

As per a statement from Tom Erickson, Acquia CEO – “Commerce as we know it has changed, and the imperative has emerged for brands and merchants to deliver powerful personalized experiences. Acquia and Magento combine the best attributes of open source development — agility, speed, innovation, and security. Together, we’re putting the power back in the hands of merchants and brands to allow them to control every pixel of the experience throughout the customer journey.”

Another important say on this integration from Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce – “At the heart of this partnership is a shared open-source heritage and vision for delivering on next-generation commerce and customer experiences that is unprecedented for the industry. The combined power of our respective technologies and our thriving global ecosystems will allow our customers to drive unbridled innovation, engage consumers like never before, and pave the way for the commerce experiences of tomorrow.”

Impact of this Integration on B2B and B2C Merchants:

Wide Scale Personalization: This integration offers context-based real time experiences to consumers irrespective of the channel or device utilized by them.

Improved Decision Making Procedure: This collaboration makes it easy for every e-commerce store owner to implement as well as manage the content-rich e-commerce experiences for their stores.

Empowered Marketers: Now, the marketers can collaborate more closely with the merchants to deliver comprehensive content-rich digital experiences and aid in merchandising actions.

Unlimited Flexibility: With this business collaboration, most of the e-commerce websites acquire unlimited flexibility to fulfill any market requirement or technology configuration.

To enable a better Magento e-commerce experience, Acquia and Magento will unify the Drupal CMS & Acquia Lift solutions to offer personalized e-commerce solutions to customers. It will bring content, commerce, and context at a single place for making a customer’s journey simple. Some of the digital companies and development shops who are working to employ this new business collaboration include MRM//McCann and Optaros, Third & Grove, Inviqa and Born Group.

How to Create Observer in Magento 2?

Creating an observer in Magento 2 is a bit different from Magento 1.x version. In Magento 2, an observer can be originated from the events.xml file under etc directory.

Let’s have a closer look on how to create observer in Magento 2:

1.  The very first step is to define observer in the file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <event name="controller_action_catalog_product_save_entity_after">
 <observer name="Envision_Eecom_Product_Save_Later" instance="Envision\Eecom\Observer\productSaveLater" />

Note: Different places are required to make files for different handlers.

• Make file under: app/code/ Envision/Eecom/etc/frontend/event.xml for frontend observer.

• Make file under: app/code/Envision/Eecom/etc/adminhtml/event.xml for frontend observer.

• Generate file under: app/code/Envision/Eecom/etc/event.xml for having observer at both ends.

2. Now, create your observer file in the following path: after


namespace Envision\Eecom\Observer;

use Magento\Framework\Event\ObserverInterface;

class productSaveLater implements ObserverInterface
* @var ObjectManagerInterface
protected $_objectManager;

* @param \Magento\Framework\ObjectManagerInterface $objectManager
public function __construct(
\Magento\Framework\ObjectManagerInterface $objectManager
) {
$this->_objectManager = $objectManager;

* customer register event handler
* @param \Magento\Framework\Event\Observer $observer
* @return void
public function execute(\Magento\Framework\Event\Observer $observer)
//Do your stuff here!
die('Envision Observer Is Here!');

Now, if you still have any query regarding Magento 2 observers, leave it in the comment section below.